About Us

Smart Parenting is the Filipino parent's brand of choice for empowering content and relevant solutions for nurturing happy and healthy families.

We exist to help Filipino parents navigate every stage of their parenting journey.

Through the years, we at Smart Parenting, have published a breadth of stories that have evolved with our audiences. We have covered topics that empower and inspire Filipino parents to achieve their dreams for their families. These include content around parenting, health, home, money, and more!

Our goal is to help Filipino parents enjoy a happier and healthier family life, which means raising bright and healthy kids as well as keeping the parents physically, mentally, and emotionally well.

Our Values

We believe in experts

When it comes to parenting advice, our content pieces are always based on interviews from subject-matter experts—doctors, educators, and more. We, however, make sure to communicate that our content should not substitute a visit to the doctor especially in matters concerning health.

We are a community

Our expert-driven content is further strengthened by the experiences of parents within our community—from members of Parentchat, to members of our Smart Parenting Village on Facebook, to our influencers, and to those who read our content across our channels.

We include

Our brand champions ALL parents without discrimination. We view mothers and fathers, and all those who act as parents, on equal footing on all our platforms. Our content caters to all parents who are responsible for raising happy and healthy families.

We empower

We offer child-rearing guidance, but we do not dictate because every family is different. We offer information to help parents make informed decisions, but we do not impose. We offer validation by taking notice of every parent’s courage, sacrifice, and aspiration. We acknowledge their struggles and empower them to overcome.

The Smart Parenting Team

Iza Santos-Cuyos
Deputy Group Publisher
Ronna Capili-Bonifacio
Editor in Chief
Judy Aladin
Section Editor
Em Cruz
Section Editor
Zen Arganda
Community Manager
Maria Stephanie Ocampo
Associate Art Director
Cherrie Julian
Associate Video Director
Rolando Pingco Jr.
Senior Video Editor
Bettina Santos
Growth Lead
Christine Sandejas
Head of Audience Growth
Florence Bienvenido
Group Advertising Director