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Big Kids

Whether You Like It Or Not, Your Child Is A Digital Citizen. Here's How To Raise Them To Be Responsible

An educator reminds parents: Even in digital use, children learn best through the example of those around them.
Tweens & Teens

Should You Be Worried About ChatGPT's Effect On Education? Teacher Gives Pros And Cons

A teacher with 30 years experience says don't be too quick to write it off--but don't embrace it just yet either.

How To Raise Kids Who Make Good Decisions: Expert Tips To Teach Them Self-Control

Self-control can be challenging for adults, what more for toddlers?

Here's The Harm That Happens When You Do Your Child's Homework

The parents' compulsion to help kids with homework has definitely increased with online classes.

How To Raise A Quarantined Generation Ready To Meet And Play With The Outside World

Our youngest kids know more about virus, vaccine, and health protocols than we did at their age.

'Honestly, I Cannot Wait For Face-To-Face Classes To Begin'

Do you have the same sentiment as these parents and students?

CoComelon Acts Like A Drug? What We Need To Really Worry About

We can hate on a show, but we shouldn’t strike fear or panic among parents.

How To Raise Kids Using Montessori, Piaget, Or RIE Parenting Approaches

Your child-rearing style can be a combination of all three.

Toddler Masturbation Happens! 5 Signs When You Need To Worry

A child touches himself out of curiosity about his body.

Why The Pikler Triangle Is A Great Toy For Your Baby Starting At 6 Months

The Pikler Triangle is described as an all-in-one sensory-motor development toy

How Do You Do Toilet Training Without The Stress? We Ask Tips From Preschool Teachers

Nursery and preschool kids have some great advice you can use at home.

Over-Attuned Parenting May Be The Reason You're Yelling At Your Child A Lot

How to protect yourself from the self-loathing that your child's whining sparks

My Child Is Writing In Reverse: Sign Of Genius Or Is Something Wrong?

Reversed letters sometimes bring up dyslexia worries among parents, too.

Parents Are Being Warned Of Screen Addiction Amid Pandemic: How To Fight It

Experts warn the impact when parents decide to take away screen time from their kids.