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  • During the holidays, children are usually the gift recipients. One thing we must teach them, though, is that giving is just as joyous as receiving. Besides, we should be able to stress that having little or no money should not be a hindrance in gift giving. When it comes to the holidays, sometimes a lovely handmade gift is much more memorable than a pricey department store find.

    Teach your little ones to craft with these original DIY gifts that parents, teachers and siblings are sure to love. These projects are for kids ages 4 and up, with minimal adult supervision.

    1. Rock monsters

    rock monsters

    Photo from localcircles.com

    These cute paperweights are easy to make and make ideal gifts for office working adults. If the child still isn’t adept at drawing, you can rename them as abstract art paperweights. Still not sold on letting your young child paint? Use fabric scraps instead to cover rocks to be used as paperweights.

    2. Personalized mugs



    Photo from handmadecharlotte.com

    Adults need their hot coffee or tea to survive the day, so what better way for kids to show their appreciation than with a personalized mug? Permanent markers are easy to handle and not as expensive as ceramic markers so this will definitely be a fun project. Adult supervision is needed for the baking part though. How to do it

    3. Polka dot flower vase

    flower vase

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    Photo from studiosjoesjoe.com

    Here’s an easy gift idea made with an empty bottle, some stickers or washi tape, and a lot of love. How to do it

    4. Wooden bead necklace


    Photo from agirlwhomakes.com

    This gift hits two birds with one stone: the child gets to create a gift and fine motor skills are practiced. Although this tutorial may seem a little complicated for a three or four year old, the painting process can be simplified. How to do it

    5. Picture frames

    photo magnet


    Photo from allkidsnetwork.com

    Printed pictures are not as popular in this digital age. However, these personalized frames are charming gifts. A simple addition of adhesive magnet to the back makes these double as fridge magnets. How to do it



    Photo from thecraftycrow.net

    Parents should encourage their kids to read and children likewise need to encourage adults to pick up that book. Here's a simple and easy ways to make bookmarks out of pounded flowers. How to do it   

    7. Story magnets

    story magnets


    Photo from sunhatsandwellieboots.com

    Does your child have a lot of books or comics headed for the trash? Upcycle them with some adhesive magnets and transform them into refrigerator magnets. How to do it

    8. Cookie mix jar

    cookie mix

    Photo from allrecipes.com

    Food items are common gifts during the holidays. The obvious disadvantage is the limited shelf life of the baked goodies. Allow the recipient to determine when they want to bake their cookies, plus you can practice measuring with your child as you prepare these gifts. Get the recipe

    9. Corner page bookmarks

    page corners


    Photo from tallystreasury.com

    Deviate from the standard rectangular bookmark. The tutorial below shows how this unique bookmark can be made from just a simple snip from an envelope. How to do it

    10. Handmade postcards


    Photo from crafttestdummies.com

    Many families nowadays travel during the lengthy holiday break. Instead of uploading your “wish you were here” pictures on social media, introduce your kids to how it was done “back in the day” with a creative twist. How to do it

    As parents we should allow our children to participate in the holiday celebrations and not just be at the receiving end.  Enjoy these DIY projects and be assured that the lucky recipients will be thrilled with the effort that went into them.

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