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Ditch the Mug and Hankies! 17 Gifts for the All-Around Super Dad
  • Being a father is a big responsibility, and it often means making sacrifices in the name of family. Just like moms, many dads will say that they have had to let go of their hobbies and some luxuries to prioritize the needs of their spouse and kids.

    On Father's Day, why not indulge your partner for life and get him something he will really appreciate? Something's bound to make him giddy and wide-eyed from this list. Check out our recommendations, and see more in the gallery below:


    This leathercraft apron will fit him perfectly -- you can even have it personalized! 


    For the Star Wars fan, these cufflinks are a great find.



    Rather than buying a gift for just Dad, why not experience the magical Cirque du Soleil TORUK – The First Flight together?

    See more gift ideas below!

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