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  • 20 Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

    Utterly delightful finds any mommy-to-be would be happy to receive
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  • 18 Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

    Pregnancy is when some of the most exciting, terrifying and daunting moments in a woman's life happens. It's that joyous and scary transition stage from simply living for yourself to having to care for someone who's completely dependent on you. That's why it's important to have close family and friends around. A helping hand, a sympathetic shoulder, an open ear can be a huge help for an expectant mom.

    Here are a few things you can do to show that you care for your soon-to-be-parent loved one:
    1. Come with her when she's running errands.
    Having a bulging belly can make moving around quite difficult, you can act as her assistant for the day. She'll appreciate it even more if you bring your car along and act as driver-for-the-day too.

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    2. Get her a box of her favorite treats.
    It's no secret pregnant moms love to eat.
    You can also call or text her beforehand to ask what she'd like just to make sure she'd really enjoy your treat. 

    3. Treat her to a pedicure.
    She can't even see her toes and toenails, let alone paint them herself. Go on a pampering dayout together. Get manicures, pedicures, massages -- the works!

    4. Plan for a baby shower!
    If someone's already planned her one then go out and buy one -- or a bunch -- of items from this Baby Shower Gift List instead. She'll love it so much she might even make you a ninang/ninong to her soon-to-be-born baby (aka your soon-to-be inaanak).

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    Photos by Majoy Siason and Mark Jesalva

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