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  • 8 Toy Cars Sure to Delight Your Babies, Toddlers and Preschoolers

    Contributor and toy collector, Julian Vorpal gives some recommendations on some toy cars sure to entertain your babies, toddlers or preschoolers.
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Don’t know where to get a hot set of wheels for your little road warrior?  Here are some ideas that’ll get your kid cruisin’ without a bruisin’! And don’t worry about the toy cars that are age appropriate. We have all ages covered from babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
    Disney Pixar’s Cars The Movie CD Boombox

    Age: 6 years+
    Who says cars are just for driving?  This AM/FM radio, MP3 and CD player is shaped to look like Lightning McQueen of the movie Cars.  It uses 6 C-sized batteries and the wheels of Lightning McQueen fold out to reveal speakers. Part of a series of Cars-themed devices, you can also opt to get a Mater Alarm Clock or a Ramone DVD Player. The Mater Alarm Clock is an AM/FM radio with Snooze function while the Ramone DVD Player comes with a hydro-switch remote control and uses 16:9 or 4:3 aspect picture select.
    Price: P2500+ (Lightning McQueen), P1500+ (Mater), P3500+ (Ramone)
    Playskool Busy Basics Rumblin’ 4x4

    Age 12 months+
    This brightly-colored, nearly indestructible, cheery-looking truck has a tow hook that your child can pull, causing it to quiver spastically like a Miley Cyrus groupie.  Also has the usual push-pull rolling action and can withstand most punishment as only a toddler can dish out.  Guaranteed to entertain small children and the criminally insane for hours on end!   
    Price: P400+
    LEGO Ferrari F1 RacersAge 6 years+

    For your budding Michael Schumacher, here is a set of officially licensed Ferrari F1 cars for him to assemble out of LEGO bricks.  The two cars also come with an authentic-looking section of F1 track that folds up into a carrying case for play anytime, anywhere.  You can now say you love your child enough to get him a Ferrari—not just one, but two!
    Price: P1300+
    Playskool Busy Basics Step Start Walk n’ Ride


    Age 9 months – 1½ years
    This rainbow pastiche vehicle has everything to keep your little one occupied for hours—flaps to spin, switches to turn, rattling rollers to roll and levers to pull. The hood opens up to a convenient cache-space for your kid’s knick-knacks and the whole car transforms into a pushcart stroller with just one push of a (parentally-supervised) lever.  Note that this is a small vehicle—make sure your child isn’t too big for it or it will lead to much disappointment for both of you.  
    Price: P1600+
    Fisher Price Little People Lil’ Movers SUV

    Age 1-4 years
    Not all wheels are for boys, as this purple push-powered plaything purports.  The Lil’ Movers SUV comes with a mother and a baby figure (complete with tiny baby carriage).  When placed on the driver’s seat and pushed down, ‘mom’ honks her horn, talks unintelligibly (sounds like a crowd) and sings a song about the difference between ‘open’ and ‘close’. The back hatch can be opened or closed and the SUV sports a permanently vacant sunroof so your child can re-enact the most terrifying T-Rex scenes of Jurassic Park herself. 
    Price: P1000+
    Little Tikes Ride & Rescue Cozy Coupe

    Age 1½ - 5 years
    Does your child picture herself to be a heroic firefighter riding to the aid of beleaguered burning buildings?  Indulge these fantasies with this steer-able, durable Flintstone-style-foot-powered car!  This impact-resistant plastic coupe comes with a roof siren that lights up and a microphone that makes up to seven searing sounds. The surgeon general has determined that repeated and prolonged use of the siren is dangerous to your neighbor’s mental health.
    Price: P7000+
    Street Masters Radio Controlled Car

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    Age 5+
    Possibly one of the most affordable remote-control toys in the market, the Street Masters Radio Controlled Cars are 1:24th scale (about 6” long, 3” wide) and have a remote range of about 15 meters.  The two-button controls are simple—one button moves the car forward, the other makes it reverse in a clockwise direction, to simulate simple steering. This car is great for your kid’s first remote controlled toy.  More complex (and slightly pricier) models are available for older children.
    Price: P170+
    Takara Choro-Q

    Age 5+

    Although the cheapest items in this list, the Takara Choro-Q nonetheless have a lot of appeal.  These tiny, awfully cute pullback cars come in literally hundreds of caricature-style real-world designs from major car companies such as Mazda, Toyota, Honda and Subaru, among others.  There are four basic models divided according to speed and are painstakingly detailed, with durable rubber wheels and a well-designed coil-spring pullback motor.  Definitely a delight for ages 5 to 555!    
    Price: P70+
    All these toy cars for babies, toddlers and preschoolers can be found at Toytown, 3rd level, Eastwood Mall, Eastwood Cyber Park Libis, QC.  For inquiries, call 709-2128.
    Did these toys rev up your little one’s engine?  Write us now!

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