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  • Baby Gift: Personalized Photo Books

    Want to give a unique gift? Customize it by creating a picture book out of digital photos.

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    This one is for the books. Literally! Gone are the days of giving magnetic photo albums as gifts. Instead, go the extra mile and give a photo book instead.

    It may take you a little more effort but, really, it’s just as simple as asking for photos in advance. Ask the parents of the celebrant to burn their favorite photos of their child in a CD.

    How many? It can range from anywhere between 20 to 100 pictures depending on the number of pages and size of the photo book you’ll be giving. But that’s really not a problem in our digital age where parents amass gigabytes of their kids’ photos in a flash.

    If you’re on the creative side and can navigate through publishing software like InDesign, Photoshop or other simpler programs, go all out and design the photo book yourself. Just make sure that you save it in the format that your photo printer shop can recognize. Usually, high-resolution jpeg files will do.


    Your layout can be as simple as just arranging the photos on a page, as you would in a traditional photo album. But why stop at that when you can add captions, clip art, graphics and other fun stuff?

    Better yet, turn it into a real book like a personalized ABC book that one lucky baby received last Christmas. Pictures of the baby, her family and her events were used for the words that corresponded to each letter. It’s a book that’s not just educational but sentimental as well!

    If you’re not the artistic type, don’t fret. Shops like Kodak Professional Digital Photo Printers can lay out your album for you and print it as well. PictureBooks conveniently has an easy-to-use software with templates that you can download from their website. They’ll also publish it for you.

    Depending on the size and the number of pages, photo books can cost anywhere between P250 and P3,000.

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