• Breast Milk Necklace Anyone? 6 Ways to Celebrate Mommy Moments

    No scrapbook required! We found six unique items to preserve the memories you treasure as a mom.
    by Tiffany Santos Canseco .
Breast Milk Necklace Anyone? 6 Ways to Celebrate Mommy Moments
PHOTO BY @irina_doula via Instagram
  • New moms are always on the lookout for fuss-free ways to preserve memories of our baby and our motherhood journey. The good news is there are now several options where you can escape the scrapbook route. From stuffed animal made from your baby’s clothes to breast milk jewelry, these unique items will remind you of the milestones you and your baby have reached every day. 

    Breast milk beads 

    Celebrate your breastfeeding journey by converting your milk to a bead with the help of Doula Irina Otmakhova of Conscious Birth Manila. Your 1- 2 ounces worth of breast milk go through dehydration method for six to eight weeks to be able to make this unique jewelry piece. You can either have it as a bracelet bead or a necklace pearl. Price ranges from P2,000 to P5,000. 

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    Stuffed toy made from baby clothes or blanket

    If you are in need of a lovey or you have a favorite baby blanket, onesie, or even pajama set, convert them into a huggable. Sew In Love can easily sew these items into stuffed or soft toys like a unicorn, penguin, giraffe, owl and more. Send them the baby clothes, and they will suggest the best huggable. If you want to have additional interaction for your toddler, you can also ask them to add a small bell, cellophane or textured cloth.

    Daughter’s drawing as a dress

    Make your child's handmade art into a wearable piece. Sew In Love lets your daughter see her doodles come to life. Just provide them with a high-res copy of your child's drawing, and they will easily lay out the design on the dress for you. Prices range from P1,000 to P5,000. 

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    Photo print on wood

    Print your baby’s birth details on these wood boards from Woodprints Manila, and instantly have a nursery wall design. You can also customize the board after seven working days of uploading your design on their website. 
    Want to store memorable notes or other baby items? Check out their customized box with sliding cover. Decorate the cover by having your baby’s photo printed as an instant box label. 

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    Newborn casting

    Want to preserve the memory of those precious little hands and feet? Try Casted Treasures. The casting process takes 30-45 seconds, and the cast is made out of food grade powder, which is safe for baby’s skin. Frame your cast and add the baby card, mittens, and socks to have an instant wall display at home.  
    Your child’s drawing as a necklace pendant, bag hook or bookmark

    Want to be reminded of your toddler everywhere you go? Bubba Doodles can convert your toddler’s drawings into jewelry, bag hook or bookmark. The best part is these are made of stainless steel that can be coated with silver or gold. It makes them durable and easy to match with any outfit.   

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