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  • 10 Holidays Moms would Love to Have

    Join us in dreaming about these amazing holidays specially designed for moms!
    by Blessie Adlaon .
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    Mother’s Day is great – but with all that moms do around the house, at work, and for their families, one measly day out of 365 simply isn’t enough.

    So we asked a few moms, “What other holidays do wish we had?” Apparently, there are a lot! Here are our favorites:

    1. Mandatory-Breakfast-in-Bed-Served-by-Hubby-in-Bunny-Ears Day
    This completely self-explanatory holiday was wished for by freelance voice talent Pauline Gaerlan-Espulgar.

    Note the word “mandatory.” The problem with Mother’s Day, you see, is that breakfast in bed is still optional.

    But the part of this holiday that really catches one’s attention is the phrase “bunny ears.” To confirm your suspicions, yes, those are the fake-fur rabbit-ear headbands that we all wore at least once in our lives when we were little girls. Way to go, Mommy Pauline!

    2. Switch-Places-with-your-Spouse Day
    Here’s another self-explanatory holiday, this time contributed by home-based freelance writer and editor Tina Rodriguez. It’s a day we have all wished for, when we could exchange places, responsibilities, and duties with our spouse!

    This holiday should always fall on a weekend. Switching roles with our spouses, we’ll do some token housework, then take some “much-needed rest” while our spouse takes care of the kids, because after all, we deserve a break after being “so hard at work at the office all week!”

    It would be so delicious just to be able to say that.  

    3. National Mom’s Tequila Night
    On this holiday, Pauline Espulgar explained, moms would leave everything behind for an hour or two of tequila with the girls.

    The truth is, Mom’s Tequila Night is already likely to happen on Switch Places with Your Spouse Day. But why settle for one tequila night when you can have two? And why settle for paid tequila when a holiday may perhaps entitle us to get these drinks on the house? After all, holiday or no holiday, moms still have a tightly-controlled budget to think of.

    4. No-Laundry-for-Mommy Day
    According to Tina Rodriguez, this holiday would require all laundromats to accept one pile of laundry per mom; wash, dry, press, and fold everything for free; and of course, deliver the load directly back to Mom’s address.

    To be fair to the laundromats, this service may be government-subsidized, tax deductible, or eligible for tax credit. Now that is when “your taxes are working for you” – literally.

    5. Mommy Mani-Pedi Day
    Another good use of our tax money is for the government to subsidize one day in which mommies can get free pedicure and manicure from any salon in the Philippines.

    Shallow and trivial? Perhaps.

    But, we argue, it’s a far greater service to the country to make families happy with their mommies’ pretty hands and feet than pay salaries to lawmakers who seem to think their main job is to think up new names for our streets.


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