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  • 4 Hacks to Make Your Old Christmas Decor Look New

    Save some money from buying Christmas decorations by reinventing your old ones.
  • Year after year, you've made it your goal to make your holiday decorations more beautiful than the one before. The cost of keeping up with the latest holiday trends isn't ideal, though, especially if you also have to alot some money for the Noche Buena dishes you're going to serve and the gifts you're going to give away.

    So what's the best way to amp up your holiday decor game without breaking the bank? Upcycle!

    Check out these simple but effective ways to make your old Christmas decor look new again.

    Use green tinsel to "regrow" thinning Christmas tree leaves

    Got an old Christmas tree with missing leaves and branches? Get a few yards of shiny green tinsel and wrap it around the areas where some of the leaves are missing. Instead of buying a new tree this year, just cover up the "balding" bits!

    PRO TIP: Use a mild but effective disinfectant to clean your tree first before adding the tinsel.

    Use spray paint to turn old Christmas balls into new ones

    Change the color of your Christmas balls by spray painting them! Make sure you get spray paint with a glossy finish to give your christmas balls a nice shine.

    PRO TIP: Give your Christmas tree ornaments a whole new look by adding glitters, beads, and ribbons. You can also use sponges, cardboard cutouts and other stencils, and paint to decorate your balls once you've changed their color.

    If you have Christmas balls with the colors all chipped off, just use some rubbing alcohol to remove the rest of the color. You can drop some acrylic paint inside the ball, add a few drops of alcohol and shake until the color settles—you've got yourself a new ball!

    Turn stale gingerbread cookies or any flat-dough treat into Christmas decors by coating it with varnish

    This really cool hack will turn any gingerbread man or uneaten chocolate cookie into a delicious-looking decoration! Just coat your bread or cookie with three layers of varnish and you're all set! The decoration will last for the whole month and you can dispose of it after. Just remind everyone in the family not to eat it!

    Use alcohol for brighter Christmas lights

    If your Christmas lights aren't burning as bright as they did before, give them a good cleaning using alcohol on paper towel. You can use disinfectants like Biogenic—it's a sterilizer and a general antiseptic, perfect for everyday all around use. Biogenic Alcohol also cleans and disinfects effectively, killing 99.9% of germs when used.

    PRO TIP: Install Christmas lights and lanterns on or near windows. The reflective surface will add a nice glow to the room. Make sure you clean the windows too with disinfectant and newspaper.

    Got any more tips to upcycle your old Christmas decor? Share them here!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Biogenic.