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  • 18 Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes You Can Make This Weekend

    Panic time na ba? Pick from what these real moms came up with!
    by Kitty Elicay .
18 Easy and Fun Halloween Costumes You Can Make This Weekend
  • All throughout the month, we encouraged you to send in your DIY ideas on our Facebook page, and it looks like we have a lot of creative parents out there! If you still can’t decide on what your child should be this Halloween, here are some ideas.

    Starbucks frappe

    Felt is a great base for costumes because it’s soft and easy to use for arts and crafts. Mom Michelle Alingarog made a Starbucks frappe for her daughter Yumi, using felt cloth for the cup and cotton fabric for the shoulder straps. She also made “whipped cream” using cotton fabric stuffed with polyester fiber fill from an old throw pillow. For the head piece with an elastic garter, she used felt again for the whipped cream and the straw.

    Looks like this is a popular costume because mom Mikee Arcega had the same idea for her son Marco! She used fabric from Carolina’s Lace Shoppe and used Velcro to close the costume.

    Sushi Platter


    Here’s a unique idea: Why not turn your son or daughter into yummy sushi? Michelle used stretchy black fabric for the dress (no time to sew? Any old black dress will do!), styrofoam and felt cutouts for the sushi. For the headpiece, she used disposable chopsticks and felt for the wasabi, radish and soy sauce bag. Cute and easy!

    Popcorn, Maki, Chocolate
    Mom Valerie Plameras seemed to have the same inspiration, as she made her own version of a sushi costume for her daughter, Alilia, using styrofoam this time. She also made popcorn and chocolate bar outfits for her other two daughters, Arunee and Annaiah, using felt fabric and reusable shopping bags.

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    It seems food is a popular choice, as mom Anna Ramos decided to make her son Luke, "Prince Fries" for Halloween. They made the costume out of rubber foam (bought for Php170) and colored the whole thing with paint. The fries container is removable so you get two costumes in one! 

    Wonder Woman

    If you have a 5-liter water bottle lying around the house, you can transform it into a superhero costume! Mom Jhing Pastores created the outfit for her daughter Aliah, using the water bottle for the tube top, headdress and armor (wrap it in adhesive tape so your kids don’t get cut accidentally!) The skirt was designed using an old rubber mat. She used a drum cover for the shield and decorated it with bottle caps and stars made from coffee wrappers. Talk about resourceful!

    Sailor Venus


    If you’re into sewing clothes, then the possibilities are endless. Mom Gerlie Sobrevilla made her daughter Athena’s Sailor Venus costume with an old sando, bra padding, and scrap fabrics. The wand was made using a refrigerator divider and leftover art materials. The cost? Less than a hundred pesos!

    Princess Leia

    Here’s another costume that only cost a hundred pesos. Mom Criselda Delos Santos bought a yard of Geena cloth and a half yard of satin gray cloth at Fabric Warehouse for her daughter Elise’s costume. The Force is with her!



    A super easy costume to make: an undead mummy! Mom Claudinne Dela Paz used her hubby’s old white t-shirts, ripped it into strips and soaked it in tea (around four tea bags will do) to make it look authentic. She then sewed it on her son Todi’s old pajamas and bonnet.

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    Minnie Mouse


    The palengke is a great resource for all your DIY needs! Mom Irene went to the dry market to buy a headband with ears (Php40), tulle for the tutu skirt (Php150), round stickers (Php10), gloves (Php20), and garter (Php10). She paired it with a black shirt and leggings and voila—her daughter Eunice was transformed into Minnie Mouse!


    Transform your son’s rain boots into elf shoes using old cloth and green cartolina, just like what mom Macel Lopez did for her son Gino’s costume. Pair with a green shirt and cut scrap fabrics for the cape and shorts. Easy peasy!


    Your newborn’s onesie can be turned into a costume using old black cloth! Mom Alerie Destreza suggests using a basting stitch to easily remove the patches so her son Kaeden could still wear the onesie after Halloween.



    There are two ways to create this outfit. First, mom Jaj Gamboa made a dinosaur costume with fabric (tail, hands and feet) and scrap felt cloth for the scales. She used an old bicycle helmet for the head and covered it with cloth as well. Her son Kali loved it!

    Want the even cheaper version? Mom Ina Arabia-Garcia also dressed her son Enrique as a dinosaur, but opted to use one sheet of cartolina for the tail (Php22 for three sheets so she just spent Php7!). She used white folders for the eyes and teeth and the feet so it's harder and sturdier.

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    Here's another costume you can do using cartolina. Ina used less than a sheet of cartolina (Php12 for a pack of three) and old white folders for the mask. She used left over felt fabric in black, light blue, and orange for the nose, eyes, eyebrows and buttons. There's actually five layers to the eyes to make it look as close as Olaf's original pair—use light blue felt for the base, black felt on the top part, then white cartolina, then black felt again topped with a small white circle. The little details make the costume more interesting!

    Baby Shark

    The nursery rhyme has become so popular that a lot of kids will surely want to be a baby shark this Halloween. Mom Jovs Espino cut out white teeth using a sheet of bond paper and attached it to her son Kyrie's hooded jacket. Instant costume!



    Because Pokemon Go! was such a hit last year, mom Gianne Realizo decided to make her daughter, Shaine, a Pikachu costume. She just needed felt cloth for the tail and tulle for the skirt. It cost her less than a hundred pesos!

    Scary clown

    Some kids want to be really terrifying on Halloween, so why not use face paint (or your makeup) to transform them into nightmare-inducing creatures? Mom Jenna Egiya enlisted her friends’ help and made her daughter Enaira into this bloodied clown. Creepy!

    Undead Girl Scout


    Here’s another costume that will give you a fright. Mom Le-An and daughter Angel didn’t spend anything since they just used her old girl scout uniform. Special makeup effects go a long way, moms!

    Washing Machine

    Halloween is not just for kids—the whole family can join in on the fun! For last year’s Halloween, mom Gelliann Sapon thought of being the “Laundry Family.” Dad was a laundry detergent made from illustration board and orange paint, while she wore a real laundry basket, complete with clothes and bleach. Their daughter, Venice, was the washing machine, with her costume made out of illustration board and a plastic container.

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