• 7 Fun and Unique Ways to Display Christmas Stockings at Home
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  • Finding a suprise small present in the stocking every so often is such a delight for kids. But Christmas stockings aren't just for kids -- they're also pretty and easy holiday decor idea. So this season, take out (or make or buy!) your Christmas stockings. You don't have to stick to the traditional way of displaying them in your home. Here are some ideas on how you can put more fun into decorating with stockings:

    1. Assign a Christmas stocking for your pet.

    Your furry friends are part of your family, too! Fill it with treats and toys that your pets like, so they will also have something to look forward to this Christmas. Have your pet's name embroidered on the stocking, as well as your message. 

    2. Spice them up with typography.

    Jazz up plain Christmas stockings by having quirky typography embroidered on them. You can have stockings with the gift recipient's name or a motivational word or quote. 

    3. Hang a small one as ornament for your tree.

    This is perfect if your kid is still an infant. Give him or her a special spot in your Christmas tree by hanging a tiny stocking. This can be an alternative to cliché glittery ornaments, too.

    4. Knit small Christmas socks and hang them on a potted plant.

    If you live in a small condo, make a Christmas tree out of a potted plant. Then, add small socks that you made yourself. This shows that you can conjure up a holiday vibe even if you have less Christmas décor. 

    5. Go for muted colors.

    If you want a cleaner, more minimalist look, ditch the red and green stockings and pick (or make!) ones in neutral colors like navy blue and cream. Hang them on a wall with minimal decoration so they stand out. 

    6. Include them in your Christmas table setting.

    Do you think your Christmas stockings look too small for your wall? Use them to wrap your cutlery. They make for a quirky addition to your Christmas setup. 

    7. Put plants inside your stockings.

    It doesn't matter if you put real or faux plants. This plant-in-a-stocking combo is a nice break from Christmas stockings filled with chocolates and candies. You can also do this even after the Christmas season. 

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