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My Most Memorable Teacher: Moms and Dads Remember Their Mentors
  • It’s a day when our children’s second mothers take the spotlight. In celebration of World Teacher’s Day today, October 5, we asked moms and dads which teacher they remember the most and why. Read their fondest (sometimes scary!) memories.

    “For me it's Ms. Verastigue, my class adviser in third grade. I've always thought I was an average student – struggling, even -- but she believed in me and had me represent her class in spelling bees and encouraged me to take on leadership roles. Her confidence in me opened up my eyes to what I was capable of, and I went on to excel in academics after that one year stint with her. It only took one teacher one year to change my outlook. I still remember her to this day for that.”
    Christine Dychiao, writer/lifestyle blogger, mom to three kids

    “My grade 5 English teacher Shirley Naval was like the female version of Robin Williams in [the movie] “Dead Poets Society”. Being young (and beautiful, actually) and free spirited, she encouraged individuality and free thinking in an institution that upholds tradition. She's also values-driven since she's a grounded Christian. She was instrumental for me to explore my potential in public speaking and acting. I pursued communications because of her influence. She was encouraging as she built up her students' confidence and faith. As I look back, I realize I owe much of who I am right now from her.”
    Boris Joaquin, motivational speaker and trainer, dad to 2 daughters

    “I remember most our Science teacher in grade 6, Mrs. Perla B. Tan. I was not the brightest in our class, but I got the highest score in an exam that she gave, and I ended up to become the school representative in the Provincial DOST Science Olympiad.  She, as my coach, was awarded as the best Science teacher! Since then, I became her favorite pupil so much so that even during my high school days, she would send me my favorite stick bread from her bakery whenever I'd come home for a vacation.”  
    –  Aileen Base, 36, mom to 3 kids aged 8, 3, and 2

    “I could never forget my grade 2 teacher, Ma'am Dencie. I didn’t have a clue then but she gave me a poem to memorize and signed me up for an interschool competition which I won. It boosted my confidence and opened my interest to public speaking and writing poetry which I still enjoy up to now. As young as I was then, she saw my potential and believed in my talent.”
    Irish Almen, 27, mom of one



    Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio

    "Sir Max Pulan is loved by many in the Ateneo de Manila University because he is such a simple man and yet so deep. His exercises for his classes are also so unassuming and yet you leave learning a lot. I also put the other teachers i loved throughout all school years to show my love and gratitude to all teachers. My dream when I was a child was to be one and I believe that the best way to learn something is to teach it."
    - Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, actress, mom of one

    “When I was in Prep, Teacher Aries was such a compassionate mentor to us all and treated us like his own kids. He made me feel secure and helped me overcome the fear of getting into a big school. I will never forget the time he would sit beside me while waiting for someone to pick me up.”
    Liberty Beriña, 32, mom of 2 boys

    “I remember our grade 3 adviser the most, Mrs. Ignacia. She always brought "kakanin" to school and make me sell it. Naiinis ako dahil hindi ako makapaglaro. Napansin nya iyon, kaya simula noon lagi na niya akong binibigyan ng libreng kakanin. She was the kindest teacher I had in grade school. She never raised her voice.”
    Flor Salen, 32, mom of two

    “I remember most my Math teacher when I was in grade 6. I always heard students say that they don't like her to be their teacher. Since I don't like Math, I'd get nervous whenever I was in her class. Every day, she would call four students randomly to the board to solve a problem. But through her I learned to love Math eventually. She was also very diligent in checking our homework every single day.”
    Esel Guevarra-Ciceron, 33, mom to a daughter

    “I could never forget Ms. Angeles Kho, our high school Assistant Principal and Prefect of Discipline. She was obviously first in instilling discipline and proper conduct. She was feared by many, but I have very high respect for her. What endeared her to the students is her passion for teaching and love for her students. She would ask us to stay an hour or so — it’s actually overtime work for her -- just to teach us math to help us ace the exams.”  
    Juvy Ann Petilla , 38, mother of two boys

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    "I will always remember my grade 6 adviser Mrs. Remedios Tiburcio. I was the teacher's pet and she would always ask me to do things for her. I also became one of the recipients of a scholarship grant under her tutelage. I will not be who I am and where I am if not for her.”
    Bave dela Cruz, 33, mom to two sons

    “I will never forget my favorite English teacher, Ms. Rowena Bolledo (now Mrs. Wylie). She was fun and inspiring and she always had a smile on her face no matter how stressful the day was. When she got dental braces, we teased her a lot but she was totally cool about it. Her subject was my favorite and she encouraged so much that at one point I even thought of becoming a teacher when I grow up.”
    Pearl Cervantes, 34, mom of a 5-year-old girl

    “I will never forget my grade one adviser teacher, Mrs. Haidee Marilla. I was such a rowdy student back then and I always got the lowest score in the tests but she kept reminding me that I just have to study hard, keep praying, and never stop trying because she believed that I have the capacity to make it big in the future. I attribute my success to her. Her inspiring words helped me through life's biggest challenges. I will forever be grateful for her kindness.”
    Majoy Galiza, 32, mom to a 5-year old girl


    Chesca Garcia-Kramer


    "Ms. Wowie and Sir Neil are my favorite teachers because they went beyond their duties as teachers. They were not just there to teach me academically but also gave me a lot of good advice about life."  
    - Chesca Kramer, TV host, social media influencer, entrepreneur, wife and mom to 3 kids

     “The most memorable teacher I had was Ms. Vergara from Grade 1. She was very strict; she once made me stand up in front of the class for being so talkative, to teach me a lesson. Nonetheless, she was my favorite teacher because she was really devoted in  making our young minds understand. I will never forget her because she taught me to love learning; it's her inspiration that motivated me to finish college, and I will forever be grateful to her.”
    Marie Grace Valencia, 30, mom 5-year old girl

    “I will never forget my grade 1 class adviser, Ms. Lorenzo. I was a new student then (most of my classmates went to the same school for Nursery and Kindergarten), but she gave me the responsibility of checking the class attendance. I felt so proud that she chose me. I won't forget how much trust she gave me at a very young age.”
    Andrea Akim, 34, mom of two

    Mr. Torres was my teacher in Social Studies and he's the best. He was a "terror" teacher but only when he needed to enforce his authority to discipline the class. The truth is he's really a nice guy. He would tell us stories and relay his experiences to help us understand his subject better, and that's what I like about him. This trait of his endeared him to us, his students. ”
    Allyn Dela Cruz, 31, mom of one


    “My favorite teacher during my elementary days was Mrs. Cecelia Mapa. She was my homeroom teacher in third grade. I liked her because she was gentle and mother-like. She talked to us like we were her children. She got angry at times, yes, but I still saw her as an angry mom, not a terror teacher. We still communicate. In fact, we are Facebook friends.”
    Wendy Manalo, 31, mom to two kids and expecting her third child

    “Her name is Mrs. Flores, my teacher when I was in sixth grade. She's my favorite because of the way she handled her class. Anak din turing niya sa amin. She’s happy if we do well and sad if any of us get failing grades. She’s very supportive and always gives inspirational, motivational, and encouraging words to prepare us for the world out there. I believe she's part of the reasons I've achieved what I have now.”
    Hope Javier, 31, mom of one


    Princess Velasco


    "Mr. Enrique Berenguer was our grade 6 adviser, and math and science teacher. I remember him the most because he treated us like friends. Our class became very close because of him and I still get in touch with my grade 6 classmates up to now. We don't know where he is now though, so this is a shout out to him! Hope we can reconnect, Sir! :)"
    - Princess Velasco, acoustic singer, mom of one

     “I remember Ms. Manacop of Joy Kiddie College. I have a vague memory of how kind she was to me being the youngest in her class. We met again accidentally when I was in high school and she showed me a picture of us which she kept in her wallet.”
    Jessie Estrella, 44, mom of two

    “I remember most my Grade 4 adviser, Mrs. Oplida. She was very strict and was very particular about hygiene. I actually liked her because she made sure her students understood the "why". She’s like a very strict mother.”
    Sharlene M. Picache, 34, mom of two

    “Mine is Ms. Salgado, very nurturing and supportive. She encouraged each of us to pursue our dreams. She believed that kindness begets kindness. She’s also very motherly. She was always supportive. Even in the middle of lunch time, she would accommodate us whenever we needed her help.”
    Lana F. Juan, 34, mom of one

    “I loved English because of Ms. Valenzuela, our grade school English teacher. She was the first teacher who noticed my talent for writing that’s why I joined the school newspaper. She encouraged me to join vocabulary contests even though I didn’t believe in myself then. I think she’s one of the reasons why I have a writing career now.”
    Sariah Ordinario, 33, mom to two boys


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