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  • 10 Fast Food Birthday Party Packages around the Metro

    Consider packages offered by fast food restaurants and pick the one that matches your budget.
  • Every parent dreams of giving the best birthday party for his child. Whether using a theme borrowed from a favorite animated series, a movie, or inspired by Mother Nature, it all boils down, of course, on the budget for the party. 

    For those who want to take a load off their shoulders when it comes to worrying about the food to be served, entertainment, venue, and other factors, a convenient option would be to book a party at your child’s favorite fast food chain. 

    Here are some birthday party packages to choose from, from some of the most well-known fast food chains in Manila.

    Note: Rates are subject to change.

    1. McDonald’s

    McDonald's party


    *Party themes available vary per branch.


    Party themes with corresponding fees:

    Ronald and the Gang – P3,000

    Disney Princess – P3,000

    Toy Story – P3,000

    Mickey Mouse Club – P3,000

    Hannah Montana – P3,000

    Ben10 – P3,000


    Inclusive of:

    30 invitation cards

    30 giveaways/ loot bags with thank you cards

    30 balloons

    30 party hats/ name Tags

    30 activity tray mats

    Happy Birthday banner

    Game prizes

    Character appearance 

    Party hosting

    Gift for the birthday celebrant


    Party Packages:

    *Rates vary depending on branch.

    *Minimum order good for 30 persons


    Party Package 1: P137/head

    McSpaghetti Happy Meal with toy

    Regular fries

    Hot fudge sundae


    Party Package 2: P152/head

    1 piece Chicken McDo with rice Happy Meal with toy

    Regular fries

    Hot fudge sundae


    Party Package 3: P162/head

    McSpaghetti Happy Meal with toy

    Burger McDo

    Regular Fries

    Hot Fudge Sundae


    Party Package 4: P158/head

    1-pc Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti Value meal

    Regular Fries

    Hot Fudge Sundae


    Cake sizes and corresponding cost:

    8 x 12 - Php 725

    12 x 16 - Php 1, 100



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