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4 Super Fun Ideas for Your Toddler’s Kiddie Party

Give your kid a party he’ll never forget through these simple tips.

So your little one is turning a year older! If his first birthday party gave you panic attacks, here is how you can make sure his next milestone celebration will be a blast for him and you. Here's what we came up with:

Go crazy with the theme


Don't simply settle for the hottest cartoon character of the moment. If your kid's birthday falls on a summer month, dare to hold it outdoors where they can pitch tents, fly kites, or have a picnic. Also, don't fall into the trap of stereotyping party themes for girls and boys. What's stopping you from having a superhero party for your daughter, or an arts and crafts party for your son?

Take it from March celebrant and celebri-baby Scarlet Snow Belo, whose birthday party was centered around Unicorns, ice creams, flowers, and balloons. There were hot air balloon accents too, and a separate area for the adults.

Make creative food presentations

Instead of serving food on their plates, have the guests make their burgers or hotdog sandwiches the way they want it. Give them options on what to put in their kebab sticks—think fruits, ham, and cheese. If you're serving pasta like mac and cheese, bake it in cupcake liners so it's easy for them to serve themselves. This lesson in independence goes a long way, too!

At Scarlet's birthday party, she had a simple yet beautiful 3-tiered cake with colorful flower decorations over a white fondant. It creatively matched her dress and the venue of the celebration.

Prepare activities that are fuss-free (for parents) but super fun (for kids)

Consider the age range of your party guests so you'll know what forms of entertainment are appropriate for them. You can set up anything from a coloring area, a sandbox, or a tea party—anything that will keep the little ones busy. Is your child into books? Have a live storytelling activity!

In line with Scarlet's unicorn theme, there were bubbles and all sorts of magical activities at the party. Scarlet also invited her favorite ninongs, and ninangs to make it more fun!

Belo Baby Mombassador Nicole Hernandez and her son, Luis.

Let your guests take the photo for you via a DIY photo booth


You don't have to do everything yourself. Assign adult guests with a nice camera to do it. If you have space, have a DIY photo booth where you can put wigs, hats, and costumes, just like the one at Scarlet's birthday party. Her guests had fun posing with a very cute Paris-inspired background.

Just imagine the huge photo album you can make after printing the photos or uploading them online. Print some of the photos afterwards and write a thank you note to those who helped you with the party!


A kiddie party can be a riot—just imagine all that energy in one place! So before the celebration begins, make sure you give your little one a refreshing bath to energize him for his special day. You can use a product crafted for the most meticulous moms, just like the Belo Baby line.

When the day ends and you've put away the party decors, toys, and gifts, give your little celebrant a relaxing massage using one of the Belo Baby line favorites, Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion. No need to worry about the greasy feeling lotions usually leave on the skin, the Belo Baby line is made from natural ingredients made with care for your baby and the whole family. Learn more about Belo Baby products here! You might just end up with lovely treats since Belo Baby is celebrating its first birthday this whole month of March.





This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Belo Baby Bath and Body Line.