• 9 Do-It-Yourself Party Decorations, Giveaways, Souvenirs & Activities from SP Moms

    SP moms share their own personal tricks to coming so you can make your own party decorations, giveaways, souvenirs and activity areas at a fraction of the store-bought cost.
    by Jazer Basan .
  • ClicMaking your own party paraphernalia isn't only practical, it develops your creativity and gives an opportunity for the family to bond together by helping out in party preparations. Here are 9 ideas from SP forum members on how they did these themselves, saving a huge amount of money that they were able to use for other party expenses.

    Standee - by Clare Sandoval aka tiny _little_mom


    Photo from Clare Sandoval

    The idea:

    “Nigel's 1st birthday party's theme was Thomas The Train and was to be held on the second floor of a new clubhouse. I was worried on how to direct the guests to the function hall if I'd be waiting and entertaining the other guests upstairs. That's when the idea of having an usher came into mind and who better than the birthday boy himself, but just a replica of him of course.”

    Cost to have it done:
    Standees as charged by party suppliers are between P850 to P2,000. For Nigel's size it would've been approximately 1,000

    Own cost:
    Picture on tarp: P160 (2' x 4' @ P20/sqft)
    Foam board: P210 from NBS
    Double-sided tape: P50 (but I only used half the roll)
    Cutter, Scissors, Glue: free (we had at home)
    Total = P420


    Click here to read on about making birthday party standees.

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