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  • Birthday Parties 101:How to Keep the Guest List Down (Part 2)

    Here are more ways to help you trim down your kid's birthday party guest list - and costs.
    by Kate Adajar .
  • 2 years oldThrowing a kiddie party can be fun and exciting with all the creative options to explore, yet the task becomes overwhelming when faced with all the planning details. Aside from finding the best and cost-efficient suppliers, the dilemma often comes down to deciding who should be invited to the party.

    Yesterday, we gave you tips on how to pare down your kid’s party guest list as the number of guests will definitely affect the whole planning process – from deciding where to hold the event to determining how much food to serve. There are no hard and fast rules in preparing the list but a common method through the years is inviting around the same number of guests as your child’s age. It has been said that this practice aims to gradually expose your child to a larger social group each year. However, for those who want to invite more but are challenged by certain limitations, here are some tips to simplify your guest list.

    1. Know your budget. Decision making will be a lot easier once you determine how much you are capable of spending for the party. Be practical and begin with a conservative budget and try your best to work within it. This will serve as your basis in finding the appropriate venue and in negotiating with party suppliers.

    2. Finalize the venue. Planning this detail before everything else will help you set the limit on the number of people you can accommodate. Work on your guest list based on your venue’s capacity and around the kind of party you wish to have.

    3. Make an official guest list. Identifying who should be invited is crucial in making a proper guest list. This task can be quite daunting so it would best to really sit down and take your time. Do not forget to seek your child’s opinion before making the final decision. Let the guide below help you in narrowing things down.

    - Start with immediate family members. If you belong to a huge family, you may want to consider just inviting those relatives you are closest to or frequently have interaction with. Another consideration would be the age of children. You may choose your child’s cousins who are within the same age range.

    - Invite your child’s closest friends and playmates. Invite your child’s best or closest friends and the ones he or she is constantly interacting with. These kids may be neighbors or fellow members in a club or organization.  You may help on this one to avoid missing out on anyone your child may forget to include.

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    - Select from schoolmates or classmates. Unless your child belongs to a very small class, do not feel pressured to invite all of his or her classmates. Select only those whom your child considers to be his or her closest companions. It would be best not to give out the invitations in school to avoid hurting the feelings of those who are not invited. Address the invitations to the children’s homes or hand them directly to the parents. Talk to your child openly about the situation and ask him or her to avoid discussing the party in class.

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