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  • cakeA lot of parents these days are reviving the old tradition of hosting birthday parties at home. And why not? It’s more economical, more convenient, and way more charming than a rented venue. Preparing the birthday menu adds further to that personal touch of hosting a party at home. After you’ve done the planning, a customized birthday party menu can make a dramatic difference to your party, especially when it brings with it that “made by mom” appeal.  However, it does require a bit of organization, planning and budgeting.

    Here are the steps you need to take if you intend to prepare a birthday party menu at home.

    I. Things to Consider Before Menu-Planning

    1. Discuss with your child what party food she/he would like. If your kid wants spaghetti and fried chicken, then make him the best spaghetti and fried chicken combo you can, without ordering kiddie meals from the usual fast food joint. Sometimes the theme of your child’s party can dictate the sort of food you want to serve. Keep in mind that for younger children in general, finger foods are much more child-friendly and practical than plated meals.

    2. Make sure you trust yourself to do all the cooking! (or most of it!) How good are your cooking skills? What is your budget? These are two key questions you need to answer before you plan a birthday party menu which you can prepare at home. Most parents will opt for a mix of both shop-bought and homemade food. It’s often more practical to do this, as it saves on shopping time and prep time.



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