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These Cakes by a Stay-at-Home Mom are Modeled After Her Kids' Toys!
PHOTO BY @susanne.decochiffon/Instagram
  • Hey mom, what’s your favorite me-time activity? Because one stay-at-home mom has chosen baking and we are beyond impressed! 

    Singaporean mom Susanne Ng, 37, has a Ph.D. in biochemical engineering and started out doing a bit of baking for kids' birthdays and playdates. But now, she’s a full-on baking master! She’s known for her cakes that could easily be mistaken for stuffed toys. They’re just so pretty!

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    The cakes are made with a chiffon sponge, which is lighter and fluffier than your typical butter cake. Susanne started working more and more with chiffon when she realized just how much sugar went into the average birthday cake. 

    Chiffon also helps give that perfect texture for her super adorable stuffed-toy-style creations. And guess where she gets inspiration? In an interview with Mashable, Susanne said that with three kids at home, her cakes can get modeled out of their toys. She’s made cakes of Gudetama (the adorably lazy Japanese egg), Pusheen Cat (which you may know from Facebook’s stickers) and Tsum Tsum versions of Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo, and Shopkins. 


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    Each creation is a labor of love, Susanne said, which takes a whole day to make, including all the little details like eyes and ears which have to be sculpted. She added that she’s got an arsenal of baking tools in all different shapes and sizes for molding. “I like variety,” Susanne told Mashable. “I like to try new designs, new challenges...people even ask me to make superheroes.

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    And her science knowledge comes in handy too. “I think I take a scientific approach to baking, in terms of studying, understanding and then controlling the patterns and processes.” 

    Her love of baking (coupled with her science know-how) has also spawned books. She has written two: Creative Baking: Chiffon Cakes and Creative Baking: Deco Chiffon Cakes. Aside from multi-tiered chiffon cakes, her recipes also include cake pops, cupcakes and meringue. 

    She posts her kitchen creations on her Instagram account which has now amassed over 22.3k followers. Check it out here

    [h/t: Mashable]

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