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  • At P450, You Get A Disney Cake For A Virtual Birthday Party

    Follow these tips to make your virtual party successful!
At P450, You Get A Disney Cake For A Virtual Birthday Party
  • Virtual parties are becoming the latest trend as everyone stays safe at home.

    Even though we cannot gather all in one place to celebrate a special occasion — be it a birthday, baptism, or even a wedding — we can still witness the momentous event with our loved ones in front of the screen.

    If you’re planning to host a virtual party, say for a birthday, in the coming weeks, make sure you don’t forget the cake!

    Birthday parties — online or off — won’t be complete without this delicious dessert. Make sure you get one delivered the day before or hours before your scheduled event. Looking for cute ones? Goldilocks now offers Disney-themed birthday cakes for walk-in customers and delivery.

    At PHP450 (SRP), you can get a 9-inch Goldilocks round cake featuring Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, or the Disney princess trio of Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella. The cakes come in two delicious flavors, too: chocolate and marble.

    With the cake all squared away, follow these additional tips to make the virtual birthday party fun, enjoyable, and truly special.

    Limit the number of guests

    Think quality over quantity when making the guest list. It’s okay to invite only your family’s closest relatives and friends. In fact, it’s a necessity. Some online video platforms have limits as to how many people can be in one video call at a time.

    Set the date and time, and send out reminders

    Pick a date and time that suit everyone’s schedules. Take into account work-from-home or study-from-home hours. It may be better to host the party on a weekend afternoon so that most of the guests can attend.

    And don’t forget to send out e-vites at least a week before the party and event reminders the day before the event.

    Have a theme or set up games and activities

    Just because everything is done online doesn’t mean there’s no fun and games. Why not ask your guests to put on costumes for the party? You can also create personalized, themed backgrounds for everyone to use during the call.

    For games, you can still do classic ones like “Bring Me” or “Longest Happy Birthday.” Trivia games are also fun! Again, you can watch a movie remotely with your guests, sing karaoke, or even have a dance party.

    Pick the video platform that suits the party best

    There are many free (and paid!) online video platforms to use for a virtual party, such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Do keep in mind that some platforms, like Zoom, have time limits for their free versions.

    Suppose the event includes watching a movie, concert, or TV shows remotely. In that case, you may also want to check out video platforms or browser extensions that enable this feature like Netflix Party, TwoSeven, or MetaStream.

    Prepare treats

    If it’s within your budget, you can have some simple merienda or snacks sent out to your guests on the day of the virtual party. This may entail additional effort and time on your part since your guests have different addresses.

    Another way to do this is to have a food budget for your guests and give them the freedom to set up their own food delivery. Make sure to send the funds the day before so your guests can schedule the delivery on the day of the party.

    Have the happiest — but socially distanced — birthday!

    Goldilocks’ Disney Birthday Cakes are available in Goldilocks branches nationwide and via online delivery. For more information, visit Goldilocks’ official website and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with GOLDILOCKS BAKESHOP.