• 12 Stunning Color Palettes for a Baby's Birthday, Baptismal and Baby Shower

    We've made it easier for you to pick a color scheme for your next celebration.

  • Photo from @designseeds/Instagram

    Picking out a color scheme is probably one of the most fun parts when it comes to planning a party for your baby. But it can definitely be time-consuming especially if you find mixing and matching hues overwhelming. If you're having a hard time deciding what you want, look no further than the 12 stunning color palettes below from Design Seeds that can work for your baby’s birthday party, a baptismal or a baby shower.

    We deliberately chose soft pastel colors and muted hues, but if you already have a color picked out but haven’t yet figured out what to go with it, you can use the palette search on the website for options. Just use the sliders to produce the color you've already chosen, and results will show sample palettes. It's very handy and--warning--slightly addicting.

    Gender neutral


    No matter how hard we try, we don't think we could have come up with this lavender, olive green, and orange palette in our dreams.


    Festive doesn't have to be...loud, primary colors, and this mix of pink, blue, and purple is proof. (We're copying the bunting here, by the way.)  


    There is no calmer palette.



    Thsi delicate palette is just perfect for a baptismal party. 


    A great way to go muted but not boring. 


    How pink and blue can go together. 



    Couple blues with greens, and you've got a fresh summer-y vibe.


    For a more rustic feel, go with blue with brown. Imagine parchment, twine, and wild flowers as elements, too. 



    You can always go with a one-color palette. Give it dimension by going with different shades.



    The refreshing yellow makes a great pop of color. The pastel green makes a great color base, and the baby blue balances balance everything out. Why not serve some lemonade or infused water while you're at it, too. 


    Introducing your safari theme and colors. 


    These vibrant blues and oranges set the tone of a party--exuberant, lively, ready to party!--immediately. 

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