• 24 Celebri-tots Who Nailed Their Halloween Costumes This Year

    See all the 30-plus costumes the little cuties wore for the spook-tacular season!
    by Rachel Perez .
24 Celebri-tots Who Nailed Their Halloween Costumes This Year
PHOTO BY @victoria_belo, @marianrivera, @severianoelliot on Instagram
  • Kids love Halloween, not only because it's the one time in the year that they're given more candies than they're allowed to eat but also because they can dress up on this day as a princess, mermaid, pirate, or anyone they wish to be for trick or treat! Look how these celebrity kids marked Halloween this year:

    Scarlet Snow, Vicki, and Hayden Kho 
    This year alone, she had worn numerous costumes, including Audrey Hepburn, a fairy, a mermaid, Sailor Moon, and a crayon alongside mom Vicki and dad Hayden.

    Seve Soriano
    Seve came as Cogsworth, the clock from Beauty and the Beast, which Scarlet Snow matched with her costume from last year.

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    Zia, Marian, and Dingdong Dantes 
    Team Dantes dressed up as the "Dantes League," as dad Dingdong labeled it. He donned the bat suit as Batman, wife Marian Rivera as Catwoman, and little Zia as Batgirl!

    Nathan Linsangan
    Camille Prats's son Nathan made magic as Harry Potter!

    Maria Isabella Padilla
    It's her first Halloween, and she dressed up as a unicorn!

    Miggy Miranda

    Dressed as Baby Dracula, Chito and Neri's son was a little bit too much in character with his sungit face.

    Archie Burnand

    Aw! Aw! Georgina's cutie son transformed into a furry little dog with his costume!

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    Ciara Sotto and son Crixus
    Ciara Sotto looked perfect as Jasmine, while her son came as Donatello of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The little one also donned a Superman costume!

    Joy W. Sotto's daughter Amari
    Being the only girl in the brood, it only makes sense that she dressed up as a princess. She also dressed as Princess Anna of Frozen.


    Dimples Romana's kids Callie and Alonzo
    The duo went with the Frozen theme, with Callie as Queen Elsa and Alonzo as very cute Olaf.

    Ina Raymundo and kids
    They went with the scary theme and went trick-or-treating as zombies!

    Delamar Arias's son Parker
    Her second son Parker dressed up as a skeleton!

    Diana Zubiri's kids
    Daughter Aliyah went as Batgirl while son King dressed as Spiderman!

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    Melissa Ricks's daughter Keira Kelly
    She dressed as Ariel of The Little Mermaid and fairy Tinkerbell! 

    Ara Mina's daughter Mandy
    She's Wonder Woman, all right. Here she is with mom Ara, and friend Keira Kelly with her favorite Twilight of My Little Pony face paint.

    Princess Velasco's son Kobe
    He went trick-or-treating as Donatello of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

    Say Alonzo's son Asher
    Howdy? Asher went as Woody from Toy Story!

    Jen Rosendahl's son Tyler
    The little boy dressed as a cute little pirate!

    Juris Fernandez's son Giddy
    Since his parents are a fan of Dragonball Z, Giddy went as Son Goku!

    Blush Maya and Geoff Eigenmann's daughter Arabella
    Since she's too young to dress up, her parents just let her don a cutie cat onesie.

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