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  • 7 Cute Baby Gender Reveal Announcements

    Whether they are big or small affairs, baby gender reveal parties are fun. Here are some idea on how you can do yours.
    by Rachel Perez .
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  • Ever since baby gender announcements became a thing, a lot of ideas have sprouted on the Internet on how parents-to-be let their family and loved ones can reveal if they're expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. What used to be a simple announcement is now considered a full-blown party with a voting or guessing game, scratch-it-off cards, buntings, and a whole lot more.

    Here are seven of the most entertaining and adorable ideas for a gender reveal party for your family and friends. 

    1. Straight-up announcement

    Isabel Oli and John Prats' gender reveal party was simple but full of joy. They gathered family and friends at the family-owned Nayomi Beach Resort in Batangas and asked everyone to guess if it's a baby girl or baby boy. For the reveal, they removed the cover of a poster announcement to announce they were having a girl.  

    2. Cake reveal


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    Quite popular, the gender announcement happens when you slice into the cake. If the "flavor" is pink, then it's a girl, and you know the rest. Actress Cristine Reyes and husband Ali Khatibi used this idea for their pary. Some gender reveal cakes have pink- or blue-colored candies in the center to indicate the upcoming baby's sex.

    Another option is to use cupcakes with colored fillings like what these two adorable soon-to-be big sisters received from photographer mom Heidi Guerard and her husband Shaun. Another variation is having a "secret" blue or pink heart inside the cupcake, which will be evident when one cuts the cupcake in half.  

    3. Out of the box


    Parents-to-be Iya Villania and Drew Arellano announced their baby's gender with a box. When they opened it, it was filled with blue balloons. Obviously, they're having a baby boy!

    Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his wife did the same type of gender reveal on reality dancing show Dancing With The Stars last year.

    4. Baby items galore


    Actor Dingdong Dantes went subtle for his announcement. He posted two bibs, each one with the words "Daddy's lil' lady" and "Pretty like mommy" to reveal that he and wife Marian Rivera were having a girl. Many have also done it on onesies and shoes. 


    Nikka Martinez Garcia also used this type of baby reveal when she announced that her and husband actor Patrick Garcia's second baby is a girl!

    American TV host Kristin Cavallari and her football quarterback husband announced baby number three's gender via a black and white photo with a tiny pair of pink-colored sneakers!

    5. Tiara or crown?


    Singer Gwen Stefani posted a photo of her wearing a crown. The caption, "I was ready to hand over the crown but I guess I am still queen of the house," was a simple but perfect way to announce that her third child is a boy.


    Danielle Jonas drew a bow over a sonogram photo of her first child to announce that she and Kevin Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers!) were having a girl! She is now pregnant with her second, and her eldest held a giant heart-shaped balloon to reveal they are having another girl. 

    6. Piñatas and confetti--lots of them
    This one is something new--and fun! You fill a piñata with pink or blue confetti. You hit it and it bursts open to reveal the baby's gender. Variations of it include popping a balloon, like what professional football player Tom Savage did below.


    For those into sports, try the above from baseball-loving couple Monique Tello and Steven Statter. When Steven hit the baseball it released a burst of pink powder. Girl! 

    7. To dye for

    Mom-to-be Amanda Parrish gave herself a memorable experience. To find out her baby's gender, she asked her hair stylist, Amber Sacrison of South Dakota, to dye her hair pink or blue based on her sonogram result. She had no idea until Amber finished coloring her hair and for a unique gender reveal. (Make sure you use preggy-safe hair dye!)


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