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  • Like most moms, the mere mention of Mother's Day conjures in my mind images of  flowers, cake, chocolates, maybe a day of pampering at the spa with an oh-so-relaxing body scrub and massage, possibly even a hair treatment with a manicure and pedicure to boot, capped  off with a fancy dinner of steak and Pinot Noir. Not bad at all, except there's something missing. We are talking about Mom's Day, after all, and there really is no way to celebrate being a mom than to be with those who call you one.

    So, I make my wishes for Mother's Day keeping in mind that, sans the smooth, silky hair and colored nails, with muscles still aching from chores, that the best gift of all is a soft kiss and a warm hug that say “You are the best mommy in the world!” (as every mom is in the eyes of her children).
    With that, here goes (and I hope my fairy godmother is listening):

    Wish #1: A strong cup of coffee (or extra ENERGY)
    I have recently taken on a new role as mom—that is being a homeschooler mom. Knowing what this entails, I am excited yet nervous about keeping the motivation and the drive to carry on the task of teaching my own child what I have previously relied on an educational institution to do. But knowing the benefits of home schooling convinces me I have chosen well. An endless supply of energy would do me good.

    Wish #2: A long thread
    ...of patience, that is. Contrary to popular belief, my being a teacher does not necessarily mean I can be as patient with my children as I am with my students. The most difficult part of motherhood is counting to ten (and actually reaching the final number!) and keeping your cool as well as your silence. Well, at least until you’re sure the right words will come out of your mouth. And so that’s why I wish for this all-too-important virtue of patience.

    Wish #3: An alarm clock (or time management magic)
    With running, writing and house chores, it can get very busy that sometimes it is easy to get lost in the activities of the day. An internal reminder (or some kind of time management) to signal the difference between “have-tos” and “want-tos” can help set priorities straight, and allow for some lounge time, amidst the hustle and bustle, to sprawl on the lawn with my kids, doing absolutely nothing. Then, maybe sneaking trips to the spa or waiting for a special occasion that makes for a good excuse to do so may not be as tempting or even necessary.
    (And with a twist of her wand,) I hope these wishes come true for these are all I want for a Happy Mother's Day.

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