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  • Bare and Raw: A Breastfeeding Photo Shoot Idea for You and Your BFFs!

    The photographer gathered 14 moms on a beach but had no expectations they would go nude.
    by Rachel Perez .
  • What are the chances that you and your best friend or your barkada ovulate at the same time? We thought it was slim, but apparently, pregnancy can be contagious among friends, at least according to a 2014 study that looked into fertility behaviors among friends. 

    The benefit that comes with being pregnant at the same time as the rest of your BFFs is, of course, the support system — it does take a village to raise kids. Who better to rant about sleepless nights or rave about your kids' milestones than your trusted BFFs, right?

    You can also add this perk when you're all pregnant at the same time: a breastfeeding barkada photoshoot! The idea is inspired by the work of Canadian photographer Trina Cary of Trina Cary Fine Art Photography. She had called it a "full moon breastfeeding session," and while the moon didn't cooperate, she got the images of a lifetime. 

    It happened on Kawana Beach in Australia where 14 moms — some were friends but the rest met each for the first time — got together that initially didn't start out with the moms in the nude, according to Trina's blog post

    Trina writes, "One of them approached me toward the end [of the sessions] that she would like to do some [shots] with her clothes off. I was hoping they would get naked anyway but to be asked! But the best most magical part was, once she got naked, one by one, two by two they all peeled their clothes off and ran together, embracing and loving each other." 


    The result where the moms bared their postpartum bodies and breastfed their kids was just stunning.

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    "I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. I just love it when strangers come together and support each other's journeys and bodies," the photographer shared on her website.

    The photographer also asked each mom to share the reason they chose to do the photo shoot, which bared their pain, fear, and anxiety when it came to childbirth and breastfeeding. They also shared their triumphs in motherhood that had one thing in common: They've come to accept and love their bodies, and they are proud of what it can do. 

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    Trina said that she has always been amazed at how quickly people can get along, "to befriend and accept one another so freely," she added. "My goal is to empower and spread love throughout this world. We need less judgment and more acceptance," Trina told Popsugar

    Do you have a friend who had also just given birth to you? Share and capture these moments with them. Whether you hire a pro or do it yourselves, the positive experience of sharing stories and supporting each other will pop from the shots.  

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