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  • Create a Beautiful Digital Baby Journal With Minimal Effort

    A digital baby journal will allow you to track your baby's milestones and keep them organized so you can return to those unforgettable moments again and again.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Create a Beautiful Digital Baby Journal With Minimal Effort
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  • Thanks to social media, memories can be just a click or tap away. Just by regularly writing up posts and uploading photos of what’s going on with her and her baby, a new mom can have an instant, chronological collection of baby’s first year. 

    But even so, nothing beats a dedicated baby journal. It’s intimate, private and more organized, which means no wading through unrelated posts on your social media wall. Best of all, with a baby journal, your work is just for you and baby (with an option to share with selected family members). Sharing the baby journal with her a few years from now will be a special moment to treasure.

    At the same time, we know how busy a mom’s day can get. Sometimes, there’s not enough hours in a day to get a good night’s sleep let alone spend me-time on a baby journal. Which is where digital baby journals come along. They’ll do all the work for you. All you need to do is make the memories: snap pics with your phone, jot down dates and quick info, and share your thoughts. Here are a few you should consider:  

    1. Tinybeans

    Beautifully designed, Tinybeans is a pleasure to use. Open the site or app and it instantly takes you to an entry for today where you can add a photo or video and a description about your shot. A view of the calendar lets you see all the moments you’ve recorded. As a bonus, there’s also a checklist for milestones and firsts so you can track your baby’s development and make sure you don’t miss any moments. 

    You and your partner can update and upload to Tinybeans from different devices as well. And, you can share your journal to chosen friends and family. (There’s an option to choose whether you want to share a particular moment or keep it just for you.) 

    What users are saying:
    “I love being able to keep track of my daughter’s milestones and achievements. It’s so much easier than taking pictures, printing them and adding them to a book.” – Marissa who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store

    “Even my son’s grandmother can figure this out. It’s awesome!” – Nathali who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store 

    Available for free: website, Android, iOS 

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    2. Peekaboo Moments

    Peekaboo Moments is a photo and video baby journal that can either be just for you or managed by other family members (that you’ve authorized) as well. With just a few taps, you and your loved ones can import and share photos to the account. Photos are automatically arranged chronologically in a timeline and a dropdown menu makes it easy to jump and backtrack to a specific month. 

    What Peekaboo Moments also has is a parent community they call “Circles.” Here Peekaboo Moments users can share tips and products with one another, and follow each other’s accounts. It’s a great way to make mommy friends! 

    What users are saying: 

    “Love the simplicity and ease of use. Great for capturing the daily moments of our growing baby and sharing with those far away.” – Sharon who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store

    “The timeline works really good, together with the growth info. It is handy and easy to operate.” – Qing who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store

    Available for free: Android, iOS 

    3. Moment Garden

    Moment Garden works like Tinybeans and Peekaboo Moments. You can upload photos, videos and thoughts to the journal with just a tap of the app. It’s also very easy to use with an account that can be accessed on a computer and a device.  Where Tinybeans has a monthly calendar view, Moment Garden has a timeline view designed like a garden (what else!). 

    Like the two apps above, you can also share your journal with other family members and friends. What’s great about Moment Garden is that it also sends you notifications to remind you to record your baby’s milestone based on your baby’s birth date. And, it also sends you “moment memories” where it brings up moments from the past, like a throwback just to make you smile. 

    What users are saying: 
    “I love this app. It makes keeping up with my children’s moments so easy. I love the age stamp that it has.” – Ashley who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store

    “It’s a lovely way to keep in touch with family and is really easy to use even while looking after a tiny baby.” – Emma who gave the app 5 stars on the Google Play Store

    Available for free: website, Android, iOS 

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