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LOOK! Mom Shows One of the Easiest Ways to Document Baby's Growth
PHOTO BY @herewegoajen/Instagram
  • Like it or not, Pinterest and Instagram have changed the way we take photos of our baby. We are happily taking a LOT of photos. We're also documenting their growth and milestones with elaborate props, backgrounds or dress-up! They're all cute and adorable, but let's face it: Not everyone has the time nor the talent (or the money to pay for a professional) to do this. But, as one mom shows, there's always a way.

    Instagram user and mom Jen G., who goes by the handle @herewegoajen, gave birth prematurely to her daughter Alexandra in 2015. She wanted to document how tiny her daughter was when she was born. So she took a photo of her youngest (she has two older kids!) against a one-dollar bill. 

    Alexandra was born at 5 pounds and 7 ounces, a tad under the average of typical newborn weight. Still, she still looked so small that items like food seemed so huge next to her. Jen wanted to immortalize her in photos, she told Babble, in the hope that parents of preemies will be inspired to see the beauty of their children in their tiny-ness. 


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    Next to adult furniture...

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    Beside children's toys...

    Jen's photos of Alexandra are simple, but it shows that tracking milestones don't have to be major production. To do your version, all you need to do is dress your baby in some beautiful clothes, place him on a flat surface, and choose a cute item to compare his or her size. And voila! If you wish to track her growth, take a photo with the same object as every month. Your baby will be eating a banana, holding that toy, or sitting on that huge chair in no time! 

    [h/t: The Bump]

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