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Never Lose A Special Moment From Your Child's Life Again!
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  • All moms want to preserve every moment and milestone during their pregnancy and as their kids grow up. It's the reason why many new moms consider taking up scrapbooking. For many, however, scrapbooking gets filed in the "when I have time" list.  And we end up with flash and hard drives filled with photos we keep promising to organize each time a long weekend comes up -- it gets pushed and pushed, of course.  

    That's why we love this suggestion from writer Lisa Horten. So all those moments don't pile up in our digital storage, Lisa recommends creating an email account for each of your children. You send in his email the photos of his milestones, memories you don’t want to forget, or life events you want to share with your child when he or she is older. His email account becomes his time capsule -- and your parenting diary. 

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    Lauren Turner of Popsugar Moms agrees. "Beyond sharing those obvious milestones and fun photos, for me, it's become something more. I also use their accounts as a sort of journal to share stories about my husband and me or family history that I want them to know one day. I've written about our vacations and even documented their birth stories. I find it's such a sweet way of communicating with them that I hope it captures the nostalgia of these early years for them when they're older." 

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    Side technical note: You may have to commit to a white lie when you register their names for an email because some providers don't allow users under a certain age. (For Gmail, the user needs to be at least 13 years old to sign up legally.) However, it's not like you're going to hand over the email to your little one sooner than he'd be ready for it. 


    The email/journal is quick, easy, and yet it is still so personal. It will be awesome to see when you turn the email account to your child.  

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