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  • My Child Stared at the Ceiling and Said, 'Hanap Nya Mama Nya'

    We don't recommend reading these stories alone at night (or they will haunt you!)
    by Kitty Elicay .
My Child Stared at the Ceiling and Said, 'Hanap Nya Mama Nya'
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  • Fact: kids say the funniest, most brutally honest statements that it can sometimes catch us off-guard. But sometimes, they can also spook us out with their comments and actions, like what happened when we asked parents what was the creepiest thing their child has ever told them. Some of the responses were downright terrifying, we thought we should share it with you in the spirit of Halloween.

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    Whether it was a figment of their imagination or a brush with the supernatural, here are 20 of the creepiest things kids have ever said:

    Beware of the shadow

    My daughter, who was 2 years old, was trying to sleep so I only had the night lamp on. She then pointed to the wall and said, “Mom, the shadow is crawling down again.” I seriously freaked out and screamed for her daddy! —Bea Santiago

    Jam-packed cemetery

    It was my father’s interment. Upon leaving the cemetery, my son, who was 3 years old at the time, suddenly said, “Wow, andaming tao (wow, there are a lot of people),” while looking at the graves as we were passing by. My mother (who was carrying him), and I looked at each other — we were the last to leave, and there were no other people around. —Jhecca Casero, mom of two


    Thank the heavens for guard dogs

    We would usually leave our bedroom door open when we’re about to sleep (it’s colder outside our bedroom and I wanted to conserve energy so I don’t turn our AC on). My partner works for an Australian company so his work schedule follows Australian time, and he leaves the house at around 3 a.m. I work from home, and my shift ends at 3 a.m. as well.

    In our bedroom, my baby and I sleep with our two dogs — a chihuahua and a Shih Tzu. One night, our chihuahua kept scratching me, and then I felt that my 1-year-old baby was no longer lying beside me. I heard her laughing outside our bedroom — which was pitch black — while our Shih Tzu, who never barks, was barking nonstop. My baby then ran toward our bed and kept pointing outside while our two dogs stood guard by the bedroom door as if stopping someone from entering.

    It happened three times during the same week. Sometimes, my baby would run back to our bedroom crying hysterically, so I asked my partner to adjust his schedule and leave the house at 4 a.m. Now, whenever we go to sleep, I close the door and lock it. I never thought trying to save on electricity could be this scary! —Chloe Manalo, mom of one

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    The boy at the door

    My daughter, who was 22 months at the time, was bugging us about a little boy playing with a ball by the entrance of our house facing the altar. We shrugged it off because my mother-in-law thought that she might be referring to the Sto. Niño.

    One evening, while we were preparing for dinner, she asked her tita to close the door. When her tita turned around to go back to the dining room, she said, “Tita Nix, nasa likod mo ‘yung mommy ng bata!”

    Her tita ran like hell and left our daughter alone. When I picked her up to take her to the dining room, I heard that she was murmuring something. I asked her, “What did you say?” And she just replied, “Hindi ikaw ‘yun, mommy.” We were really spooked!

    The next day, my mother-in-law brought a priest to bless our house again. —Mai-Mai Kalamay, mom of two

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    The lady in the corner

    One night, I told my 4-year-old daughter, lights off and it was time to sleep. She pointed at one corner of our unit and asked me, “What about the lady?” I said, “The what?” She replied, “The lady, mama, she’s there. She wants to lie down beside me.” OMG! We slept with the lights and TV on. I’ve never felt so scared in my entire life. —Elle Dee, mom of one

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    A prank or…?

    I used to “see” these “things” when I was younger. But it stopped when I became a mom so I thought it was all gone. But I think I must have passed it on to my 2-year-old son.

    I ignored previous incidents of him looking as if he was seeing someone else, since he couldn’t talk yet, but now it’s harder to shrug off. I didn’t want him to know what a “mumu” is but my hubby showed him a photo of a scary-looking woman months ago. He only saw it once.

    One night while I was about to sleep, my son was playing at the bedside with his little sister. Suddenly, he looked at the ceiling, pointed at it and shouted, “Oh, no! Mumu!” Then, he screamed.

    Suddenly, his little sister started holding her neck as if someone was strangling her. She was coughing while holding her neck with her two hands. I panicked and called my husband.

    When he came, my kids looked at him and went back to their normal selves as if nothing happened. When I told my husband what happened, he said our kids must have just pulled a prank. Wow, how would a 2-year-old and a one-year-old learn that? —Jeza Bae, mom of two

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    The other mom

    We were away for almost a month for a vacation three years ago when my sons were four and 2 years old. When we got home, we felt as if there was a creepy element somewhere as the house had been left empty for quite a long time.

    That night, my husband woke up in the middle of the night and saw me across the hallway, by our kids’ room. The door was ajar and I was making milk. The next day, I told him I was asleep the whole time. He insisted that it was me because he could clearly see my face, which was expressionless. I asked where he saw me and he said it was by the cabinet.

    I stood where he said he saw me — the cabinet was around 6 feet tall, so there’s no way he would see my face over it if I was standing.

    The following night, I was washing the dishes after dinner and was quiet with my thoughts. My four-year-old slowly approached me, then said, “Are you my mom?” I looked down on him and smiled. I said, “Yes, of course!” And he was suddenly relieved and hugged me. I realized then that there was a transient doppelganger who was pretending to be me. It was gone as soon as we were made aware and we settled back in the house. —Rochelle G., mom of two

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    The invisible friend

    One night my youngest son was like, “Mom, do you want to meet my friend?” So I said yes, thinking he was referring to his playmates at the playground because I promised him we will go there the next day. He pointed to my side and said, “Here is my friend! Meet Noel.” I grabbed him and got out of our house as quickly as I could.

    A few days later, I saw him laughing by himself. When I asked what he was doing he replied, “Just playing with my friend.” I let it pass, thinking it was just an imaginary friend and I was overreacting.

    Until my son asked me what a murder is. I asked where he heard the word because we are careful with what we watch around our kids. He said “Noel” mentioned that it was what happened to him.

    Do you know how hard it is to find incense? VERY. I had to ask my husband to go to the church to ask for Holy Water. My youngest was three years old then and ever since, we would always have incense on hand. Imma smoke ‘em outta my house. If he is not paying any bills, he is not staying. —Kaye Padrigan, mom of three



    From time to time until now, I will hear my daughter burst into laughter and say, “stop daddy,” as if she’s being tickled or someone is being really funny. Sometimes when we’re going out, she will say, “bye daddy,” before leaving the room, and wave at nothing in particular. When we arrive, she will say, “hi daddy.”

    My daughter is two years old. She calls me ‘Nanay’ and her father ‘Tatay.’ My father on the hand, is called “daddy” by all the kids from my family. I am my dad’s favorite and he died almost 11 years ago. Before he died, he made a promise to me that he will always be with me. I’d like to believe that it’s really my dad checking up on me and watching over my daughter. —Kim Manalo, mom of one

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    There’s something under the bed

    When my daughter was around three, she would sometimes play on our bed with her toys. We usually sleep with the lights off and just one small nightlight. One time, she dropped her dolls on the floor and it rolled under the bed. I told her to get it but she held on to me and said she didn’t want to. She started shaking and I asked her why. She said she was scared of the monkey under our bed.

    It was not the first and last time she mentions being scared of this monkey. Sometimes, she sees it outside our bedroom or by the stairs. We were just renting that time and the house was vacant for a long time before we moved in. We had it checked by fengshui and he said the house was very dark and that we needed to move out right away! —Joanne Clarisse Reña, mom of one


    Invisible helper

    This happened when my eldest son was only six months old.

    He was on the couch in the living room and I was in the kitchen, washing dishes. I had my back turned because he was sleeping and I was trying to catch up on chores. When I looked over my shoulder to check on him, he was awake, already on the floor, wedged between the leg of the couch and the electric fan.

    I let out a cry of alarm, then, he started crying. He wasn’t crying before. I immediately checked if he was hurt anywhere, but there wasn’t any visible damage, and he didn’t cry until I screamed, so I let it go.

    The following day, as I was bathing him, I saw two very distinct hand marks under his arm, as if someone caught him when he fell. To this day, I always tell him he has a special angel that watches over him. —Rosa Cardona, mom of three

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    Counting spirits

    This happened only days ago. My son and I were reading a book about numbers. The picture was of 20 puppets with one of them a ghost. He counted all of it then went back to the ghost. He looked at me and said, “Mommy, two ghosts.” I answered, “Anak, 1 ghost only.”

    Again he said, “No, mommy, two ghosts.” He pointed at the curtain and started to count. “1, 2 ghosts.” —Elsie Dela Cruz, mom of one

    My past life

    One morning in the car, while I was driving my four-year-old daughter to school and about to pass a roundabout, she pointed at the roundabout a few meters away and said in a very calm and soft voice, “Mom, look! That’s where I died the last time.” —Ana Enriquez, mom of one


    Lolo is with us

    One day on our way home, Caleb (my one-year-old son) kept screaming and crying. I was looking at photos of my grandfather (he never met him, nor had he seen any photos before) so I decided to show the photo to him. He stopped crying and said, “Lolo?”

    The same night when we got home, I asked him. “Caleb, where’s lolo?” I regretted it immediately as he pointed to the closet in our room where I keep my lolo’s favorite jacket. —Bianca Timbol, mom of one

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    An eerie voice

    One night, my 7-month-old daughter was crying so I cradled her to help her calm down. As she was falling asleep, she started humming. I recorded a video and sent it to my sister via Facebook messenger.

    She replied, “Sino ‘yan?” Then, I told her it was her niece. She said, “Totoo ba? Parang hindi.” Then, I told her it was just my daughter humming. She thought I was joking and told me not to scare her. She said that what she heard was someone screaming.

    I listened to the video I sent her and it’s still my daughter humming. So, I sent the same video to my husband, who was watching TV in the living room. He also replied, “Sino yan?” And I suddenly got nervous. Hubby came into my room and let me listen to the video. It sounded like  an angry kid saying, “Ang ingay! May batang maingay!” It was so loud and scary because the voice was so strong. I carried my daughter right away outside and we stayed at our neighbor’s that night since I couldn’t go back to our house. It took months ‘til I was able to sleep inside our room again. —Katherine Cipriano, mom of one


    Playing baby

    One night before dinner, my husband asked our son to go with him to buy ice. I was seated at the dining table because I was preparing my son’s meal. After a minute, I heard my son go back inside the room and play in front of the TV. I didn’t mind him — I thought my husband decided not to take him anymore. I was busy but I could hear him pounding on the table where the TV was. Again, I didn’t mind because my son would usually do that whenever he’s playing. Then, he suddenly ran toward the door.

    After a few minutes, my husband went inside the house and he was carrying our son. I asked him, “Why didn’t you take him?” With ice in hand, he told me that he was carrying my son the whole time. —Marian Aaron, mom of one

    An eerie reflection

    This happened when my daughter was around 4 months old (she is 11 years old now), and we were still staying at my in-laws. My daughter would wake up at the wee hours of the night to drink milk or to have her diaper changed and my husband and I would take turns keeping watch.

    One night, I had just finished feeding and checking her diaper. I would sometimes look into my daughter’s eyes while she was lying down on the crib since she has wide, cartoon-like eyes. That night, instead of seeing the reflection of my head on her iris, I saw mine and another’s as if there were two people looking straight down onto my baby. I panicked and woke my husband and also asked him to look into our daughter’s eyes. We were both creeped out since there were now three heads reflecting on my daughter’s irises. —Shine Ancheta, mom of one

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    The new me

    My son used to talk about his past life a lot. He said that when he was little, he climbed a tree because he wanted to reach a bird’s nest. He fell from the tree and then he became the “new me.” He cried a lot saying he was sad that he was left “on the floor.” (Maye he was referring to his funeral?) Either way, he was only 2.5 years old at the time. —Sarah Drummond, mom of one

    Playful baby

    When my daughter was six months old, we were in our room and I was so tired and sleepy. With my eyes closed, I heard footsteps and it was like someone was playing with my baby’s rattle. I thought it was my husband. But after a few seconds, I opened my eyes and realized my daughter and I were the only ones in the room. —Monette Manansala, mom of one

    Looking for mommy

    My daughter just turned two that time. I told her we should sleep already but she said she was scared because there was a mumu inside our bedroom. I told her, let’s fight the mumu by praying to Papa Jesus. Then I told her, “Tell the mumu to go away because Papa Jesus is here.”

    My daughter stared behind me, directly at the ceiling for a moment. When she returned her gaze to me, she said, “Hanap niya mama niya.” I totally freaked out!

    We went outside and waited for my husband before we returned to the bedroom. Good thing we left that house now. —Anne R., mom of one


    Do you have your own spooky story? Share it in the comments or email us at smartparenting2013@gmail.com!

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