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  • "Will you be my —?"

    This line definitely means a lot to anyone who has been proposed to. Remember what your now-better half's wedding proposal was like (or imagine how it will be like someday soon with your partner)? Being asked "Will you be my wife?" is definitely a moment we will cherish.

    If you have teenage kids, you probably looked forward to (or dreaded) one of your daughter's male friends knocking on your door to do an elaborate "promposal" to ask her, "Will you be my date?" to the school ball.

    Well, get this: another "-posal" is becoming a trend lately, and it may raise not just a few eyebrows. Are you ready to do a "godparent proposal" and ask the question, "Will you be my child's ninong/ninang?"

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    In the Catholic Church, a child's baptism is witnessed by at least one set of godparents who are tasked to take on the role of being a child's "second parents." While these days ninongs and ninangs mostly see their inaanak during the Christmas season, their responsibilities to the child go beyond giving them aguinaldo. By agreeing to be a child's godparent, you are committing to guide him throughout his life based on your and his parents' values and principles.

    That said, it makes sense to really choose "the one" — thus the proposal. But how far will parents go to pop the question?

    Based on Pinterest's top trends for 2019, searches for “godparent proposals” have increased by 152%. Looking at the photos, it isn't enough anymore to call up someone and ask him to be your child's ninong or ninang — one has to be "creative" about it. Just look at all these godparent proposal merchandise we found online.

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    How parents are "proposing" to a potential ninong and ninang

    Cards are the second simplest way to go about it (the first being a meet-up or a phone call because if this person is good enough to be your child's ninong, you must have his number on your speed dial, right?)

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    It's sweet of you to ask...so go ahead and send treats along with the proposal.

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    Some send a bottle of wine, cakes, or personalized gifts because why not go all the way?


    There are also puzzles, mugs and photo frames to mark the occasion. 

    But here's one way to make sure you get a yes for an answer: let your baby do the asking!


    First-time parents, is this trend a 'Yay ' or a 'Nay'? If you were to propose, how would you do it? Let us know in the comments below!

    What other parents are reading

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