• 25 United Nations Costumes That Prove Pinoy Parents Are a Creative Bunch!

    Seeing these cute outfits for United Nations Week is making us so excited for Halloween!
    by Kitty Elicay .
25 United Nations Costumes That Prove Pinoy Parents Are a Creative Bunch!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Marian Ergun, Luz Cuyugan, and Kay Ann
  • Joining various activities where kids dress up in different costumes is part of school life, and it's always fun to see parents going all out for their children's outfits. Just look at our Buwan ng Wika costumes where parents showed how they interpreted the traditional garb of native tribes in the Philippines. And now that the United Nations Week (October 20 and 26), which commemorates the day the United Nations was formed, has passed, our inbox quickly filled with photos from moms and dads and their interpretations of the different national costumes.

    Whether the parents went the DIY route, chose custom designs, or bought the costumes from stores, each costume was equally impressive and worth a look.

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    Here are 25 United Nations National Costumes that will impress you.

    Ms. Brazil

    What is it with Brazil's national costume that makes it a favorite of kids and parents? It's bright and colorful! Just look at this photo mom Rodice Guavis sent of her daughter, Safe Kai.

    Something all the costumes have in common: a vibrant, multi-colored dress. Kassey Jade is rocking her outfit, though!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rizza Abuan
    Did you know a Brazilian samba singer named Carmen Miranda popularized this outfit in the 1940s? Monica Bautista looks adorable especially with the floral headband!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Din Real-Bautista
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    Mr. Cambodia

    Marcus Gallardo certainly made an effort representing Cambodia!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Grazel Gallardo

    Mr. and Ms. Colombia

    Twins Francez and Franciz wore DIY costumes made from recycled materials and created by their mom, Jha. Effort!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jha Sobiono

    Mr. Egypt

    Jacob Maldonado looks like a true pharaoh. We love how he completed the look with eye makeup!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kay Ann
    According to John's mom, this costume was bought in Divisoria but she added the gems to make it stand out. "It looks expensive, but it's really not," she says. 
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Arnie SUAN
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    Ms. France

    Lindsei's mom, Luz, says they had this dress sewn especially for UN Day. And it won the award for best costume!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Luz Cuyugan

    Ms. Germany


    Does this look like a DIY outfit to you? Well, Amari's mom, Stephanie made it from scratch. How cool is that?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Stephanie Chua

    Ms. Indonesia

    Mom Lyn Silverio says she rented this costume from a friend and luckily her daughter, Neferteri won best costume!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lyn Silverio
    Ms. Italy

    We love that Isabella's dress features painted images of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, pizza, pasta, and other images that we associate with the country, courtesy of her mom, Charito. Wow! 
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Charito Aguilar-Maquiran
    Freiyah Pescador waves the Italian flag proudly!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Jessica Pescador
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    Miss Jamaica

    Look at that adorable face! Pelin is wearing a quadrille dress that represents Jamaica.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Marian Ergun
    Mr. Japan

    Uno's mom, DM, bought the yukata but DIY'd the armor and the slippers. He certainly looks like a samurai!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of DM Guerrero

    Ms. Mexico

    Pylar's costume is as bright and beautiful as her!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Maricris Directo

    Mr and Ms. Mongolia

    This boy certainly looks regal!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Keigh Abu
    It's double the fun if you have two kids preparing for UN Day. This time, Luz Cuyugan's younger daughter is representing Mongolia.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Luz Cuyugan

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    Mr. and Ms. Netherlands

    How adorable are these two? Nino Adrian and Fate show off their costumes representing Netherlands.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Maribeth dela Pena
    Ms. Philippines

    Of course, the Philippines is included, too! Here's Danica in her gold terno. So pretty!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Lanel Vijandre

    There's only one word to describe Niña's outfit: Amazing!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rina Miranda

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    Mr. and Ms. South Korea

    This hanbok looks perfect on Psalmantha! Her mom, Aprille, says she drew the design herself and then had it made by a seamstress.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Aprille Guiro
    Caj looks like a queen with that headpiece!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Carla Tomas
    We're sure this boy will grow up to be an oppa. Look at him nailing the heart sign!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Melai Silva
    Ms. Sweden

    Kairylle's version of a Sverigedräkten (yes, that's the national costume of Sweden) looks super fancy!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Anian Medina-Nicolas
    Mr. Turkey


    Being half-Turkish, it's only natural that Mehmet represents the country for UN Day!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Marian Ergun

    Halloween is up! What is your child wearing for Hallow's Eve? Email us the photos and tell us a little bit more about it at smartparenting2013@gmail.com 

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