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  • 10 Halloween Flicks to Enjoy with the Family

    Have a family bonding night with these not-so-spooky movies even kids will enjoy
  • Frankenweenie

    1. Frankenweenie
    After young Victor's pet dog Sparky dies, he tries to bring it back to life with a little help from nature.

    Not-so-spooky factor: Critics applaud it for having a lot of heart as it explores the relationship between pets and their owners, the crucial role parents play in trying times, and the warmth of family and friendship.


    2. Monster House
    Three kids try to stop the monstrosity that is happening right inside their neighborhood, all emanating from the haunted house across the street that has a life of its own.

    Not-so-spooky factor: Whether imagined or not, the sense of adventure shared by the kids makes for a fun (although creepy) Halloween. This is best watched with bigger kids aged 8 and up.


    3. Monsters Inc
    Monsters Sully and Mike are among a group of highly-trained professionals working at Monsters Inc. whose job is to scare little kids. Along the way they discover a world entirely different from what they have come to know.

    Not-so-spooky factor: The monsters in this animated film are not scary at all, and are, in fact very endearing. How they relate to a little child they named Boo is very heartwarming.



    4. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie
    The whole Winnie the Pooh gang is getting ready to celebrate Lumpy's first Halloween, so they go on an exciting adventure to catch the feared Gobloon monster.

    Not-so-spooky factor: All's well that ends well -- this movie's happy ending is perfect for young kids.

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    5. Casper
    The central character, Casper, befriends the girl and her dad who have been tasked to exorcise the house. The excitement and fun is brought about by the struggle from the otherworldly inhabitants.

    Not-so-spooky factor: Casper is a friendly ghost, so he is not depicted like most ghosts are in movies. There are the topics of death and exorcism, though, so it's best to come prepared with an explanation before watching this movie with young kids.


    6. Halloween Town
    A teenager and her younger siblings discover that they come from a family of witches on Halloween night, and sneak into the vehicle that transported their grandmother to a different dimension to find out about their lineage. With the rest of their kind, they battle evil and return to their mortal world successfully.

    Not-so-spooky factor: The costumes and set design are very festive, plus any movie with a grandmother doting over her grandchildren is always fun to watch.




    7. Hotel Transylvania
    Count Dracula owns Hotel Transylvania, a luxury hotel for the monsters and ghouls of the world. All is well until a human discovers the place and falls in love with Count Dracula's teenage daughter, Mavis.

    Not-so-spooky factor: The father-daughter tandem is depicted in a loving manner, and we realize that be it in the world of vampires or humans, the instinct to protect a child (and teen angst!) is the same.



    8. ParaNorman
    Norman is an 11-year old boy who can see and speak to the dead, making him quite a character. One day, his visions come alive for others to see, and decades and decades of history unfold before everyone's eyes.

    Not-so-spooky factor: This movie tackles bullying, and is scarier than most animated films about monsters, but it might be an opportunity to discuss with a tween how to handle such situations in school.


    9. Hocus Pocus
    Three ancient witches are woken up from their sleep on the eve of Halloween, and they take this opportunity to accomplish their evil plan of sucking the life force out of little kids to regain their youth. A duo of teenagers, a little girl and a cat are out to stop them.

    Not-so-spooky factor: Although the imagery can be somewhat dark, the three witches are depicted in a funny, cartoon-y way, and the dialogue even implies that, although scheming, two of them are a little too dense to be evil.




    10. The Haunted Mansion
    Real-estate broker Jim tries to make up for his shortcomings to his wife Sara by taking her and their two kids to a vacation, and got more excitement than they have bargained for.

    Not-so-spooky factor: This movie was the inspiration for the Disneyland attraction in the United States and Tokyo, Japan. A similar attraction exists in Disneyland Paris, called the Phantom Manor, and the Mystic Manor in Hong Kong Disneyland opened over a year ago.


    Sources: Wikipedia, commonsensemedia.org, YouTube

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