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  • 10 Monsters That Are More Lovable Than Scary

    Kids wouldn't mind having them under their beds for sure!
    by Andrea Herrera .
  • It is normal for every child to be scared or frightened, sometimes even for what may seem to adults as silly and unreasonable. Even adults have fears and anxieties, so it is not surprising that kids would have more of them. Although these feelings are normal, it's still important for kids to learn how to deal with them.

    Young children below 7 often have fears and anxieties about things that are imaginary such as ghosts, monsters, and other things they cannot see. Recognizing how your child feels is the first step in helping him deal with his fears. Insisting to your child that his fears are not real will not do much. Instead, help your child face his fears head on. One way of doing this is to introduce monsters to him that are so lovable, he will forget about being scared of them.

    Here are some monsters or monster-like creature your kids are sure to love!

    1. Beast (Beauty and the Beast)


    Fans of fairy tales and Disney movies will surely have Beast at the top of their minds when it comes to ‘monster-like’ appearances. Your child will initially feel fear towards Beast upon hearing the story or watching the movie for the first time. However, everyone knows how the Beast will slowly show love and compassion to the other characters in the story and how Beauty will come to love him despite how he looks. Your child will surely grow to love Beast too – and learn that a monstrous-looking creature is not something to be scared of.

    2. Sully (Monsters, Inc.)

    Watching the movie "Monsters, Inc." will help make most children overcome their fear of monsters. James P. Sullivan, also popularly known as Sully, is the more lovable one of the two main characters in the movie. The start of the movie shows this large furry monster as the ‘best scarer’ at Monsters, Inc., but he is actually a kind and friendly monster. Just like how Boo, the little girl in the movie, quickly liked Sully, your child will too.

    3. Mike Wazowski (Monsters, Inc.)
    Mike Wazowsky

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    The other half of the popular duo in "Monsters, Inc.", Mike is a weird-looking monster that some kids might still find scary, even if he is less scary-looking than Sully. What Mike Wazowski lacks in the scare department, he makes up for in charm and wit. Mike will generate a lot of laughs from your little one, leaving no room for any monster fears and anxieties.

    4. Shrek (Shrek)

    Although technically an ogre and not a monster, Shrek draws a good dose of frightful screams at the start of the movie. Although it will take some time for Shrek’s personality to capture the hearts of the little ones, the laughs that he and Donkey will draw from kids will help him slowly push his way into any child’s heart.

    5. Cookie Monster (Sesame Street)
    Cookie Monster


    Who does not feel affection for Sesame Street’s popular blue googly-eyed monster with the voracious appetite for cookies? Cookie Monster’s strong propensity for eating not just cookies but almost anything, along with his toddler-like speech where he uses “me”, will make any kid relate well to him.

    6. Elmo (Sesame Street)

    Another one of the popular Muppet Monsters on Sesame Street, Elmo is a hit among toddlers – even getting his own full segment “Elmo’s World”. Elmo is one monster you would want to introduce to your child because of his positive and friendly nature. Once your little one gets hooked on this furry red monster, there is an abundance of material such as videos and songs for you to choose from.

    7. Grover (Sesame Street)


    If your child has a very active imagination, he might be able to relate well to another popular furry blue monster from Sesame Street – Grover. This monster, just like most Muppet Monsters, is very lovable and cute with his own distinct personality. Grover is a monster your child is sure not be scared of especially with his eagerness to help others and to go on imaginary adventures.

    8. Gruffalo (The Gruffalo)

    A relatively ‘new’ monster, The Gruffalo is a character from the book of the same title published in 1999. A film based on the book was also made in 2009. A monster-like creature in the forest, the Gruffalo may initially scare your child especially as the mouse describes him in the book. However, in the story, the mouse outwitted the Gruffalo so cleverly, it will empower your child to think cleverly as well of ways to outwit any imaginary monsters he may have.

    9. Murray (Hotel Transylvania)


    Although not the main character in the movie, Murray’s appearance and his extremely likeable personality can easily win any child’s heart. This fun-loving big mummy is not frightening or scary at all because of how humorous he is.  

    10. Frankenstein (Hotel Transylvania)

    Forget about other depictions of this classic monster creature; if your child will get to know any Frankenstein for the first time, let it be this one. Hotel Transylvania’s Frankenstein is the typical friend everyone wants to have – kind, gentle, and easygoing.

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