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  • 100 Things to Do with Your Child This Summer of 2015 (Part 2)

    Don’t give them a reason to get bored with this long list of fun activities!
  • Part 1 of this list can be found here.

    51. Be part of a museum piece

    Art in Island

    Art in Island

    When other museums discourage people from interacting, touching and sometimes even taking photos of the art pieces, Art in Island museum wants you to do just that! The pieces in this museum just scream for its visitors to take photos with them. Visit their Facebook page for more details.



    52. Learn about our national hero   

    Rizal Shrine Museum

    The Rizal Shrine Museum in Fort Santiago is looking better than ever before. Last year, it was renovated and modernized.  Splashes of color were added to panels and interactive features were incorporated to make it more visually appealing for young guests eager to learn more about our national hero, Jose Rizal. Read our article about it.

    53. Earn some cash

    Earn some cash

    Recommended Videos

    Build a small “business” with your child this summer. Teach her some money smarts and introduce her to a couple of entrepreneurial skills. Here are 5 business ideas you and your child can start.

    54. Go camping indoors 

    Go camping indoors

    Who says you can’t go camping indoors? Order some pizza, fry some hotdogs and grab a pack of marshmallows. Don’t forget the comfy pillows! You can get these super cute teepes at Pottly Tubby.

    55. Do fun science experiments

    Science experiments are not only fun, they're educational too! Do this cool invisible ink experiment and write secret messages for each other. Amaze everyone by explaining the science behind it all.

    56. Read (free!) e-books



    There are loads of free stories online or in app stores for you and your child to read together. This one's about a boy who has a ninja for a grandma. The website where this story is published is a treasure trove of free children's books.

    57. Introduce delicate subjects to your child in a language he will understand

    Unconventional books

    Make the complicated topics less daunting by tackling them through a medium they can relate to – children's books. We've got a list of 3 books beautifully written and illustrated to help your child understand some tricky aspects of life and its complexities.

    58. Try kneeboarding



    This one’s for the big kids! You never know what new sport you and your child might end up enjoying a lot. Kneeboarding involves kneeling on a board while holding on to a rope attached to a moving water vehicle. More info on Pradera Wake Park here.

    59. Go on an ultralight plane

    Another one for the big kids. Ultralight planes are planes that are, you guessed it, ultra light. Angeles City Flying Club gives flying lessons but they also have short trial flights that let you ride with a pilot. Maybe not for those with a fear of heights, but on the other hand, this would be a wonderful opportunity to conquer them! Pictured above is Kris Aquino's son Bimby trying out ultralight plane flying. Visit the Angeles City Flying Club website.

    60. Make your own pizza

    Pizza recipe


    This recipe teaches you how to make pizza from scratch – but don't get intimidated! It's really easy. In fact, it's so easy that even the kids can do it. The kids will love the recipe title as well, "Kid-chen Pizza: Pizza As You Like It". Recipe by yummy.ph here.

    61. Cool down with the best iced teas in town

    Iced tea

    What goes with a delicious slice of pizza? A refreshing glass of iced tea, that's what! Spot.ph has compiled the best iced teas for your convenience. Top  10 Iced Teas in Manila 2015 by spot.ph here.

    62. Put on a puppet show

    Sock puppets


    First, make these adorable DIY sock puppets. Decorate them any way you want, you can make them into people, animals or even cute monsters. Put a cloth over the kitchen table and hide under it with only your sock puppets sticking out. Take turns doing a show or perform for other members of the family. 

    63. Make slime

    Let loose and have fun with gooey slime for a day. This video shows you how to make it with your kids. Color it any way you want -- this one’s pretty with galaxy-themed colors.

    64. Go to a dinosaur park

    Dinosaurs Land

    Dinosaurs Land in Clark, Pampanga has the first-ever animatronics dinosaur park in the Philippines! Experience their Fossils Museum, Dino Trail, Adventure Ride and Jurassic Safari Ride. Visit their website for more details.

    65. Visit Nayong Pilipino

    Nayong Pilipino


    Nayong Pilipino has been refurbished and now feels and looks good as new again. Learn about our country's history, its rich culture and see replicas of famous landmarks. There's also the recently inaugurated Museo ng Nayon which houses an extensive collection of truly Filipino exhibits. Visit their website to learn more.

    66. Lip sync to a song and record a video

    Pick a catchy song and bring out the camera! How adorable is this mother and daughter duo "singing" in their car? Like them, even your smartphone's camera would do, just don't forget to turn the phone on its side to film in a landscape orientation and not portrait.

    67. Actually sing a song and record it on video

    You can actually sing a song and film it as well if you like, like this dad and daughter tandem did!

    68. Introduce your child to an instrument

    If your child is musically inclined, why not take a cue from this little cutie and introduce him to an instrument. The kid-sized and kid-friendly ukulele is a good place to start. Before you do, we've got a list of 10 things to consider before enrolling your child in music lessons.

    69. Go ice skating

    Go ice skating


    Try ice skating if you and your child haven't gone yet. It's always nice to learn new things. There are ice skating rinks in SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall and SM Southmall. For operating hours and rates, visit their website.

    70. Exercise together

    Exercise together

    Get physical and exercise together! Turn up some energizing music and do some stretches, jumping jacks, hula hoops or go outside and jog a little. The outfit above is available at H&M stores or through their website.

    71. Get some mommy-work done with the kids

    Mom and child


    Take advantage of the summer break and get some important stuff out of the way, like going on a visit to the doctor’s and the dentist’s or getting your child’s hair cut. Check out our list of 20 things moms should do while the kids are on break.

    72.  Build a LEGO set together

    LEGO set

    This isn’t just for one afternoon. You can build it gradually day by day or maybe build it then disassemble it again, and try to see how you'll fare next time. You and your child can even pretend to be rocket scientists and engineers working on a new spaceship prototype! Find this LEGO set at BricksPhilippines.com.

    73. Do easy woodwork projects

    DIY birdfeeder


    Photo Source: amazon.com

    If your kid likes arts and crafts, why not introduce her to a bit of woodwork? This DIY birdfeeder is useful and easy to do. Fill it with bits of grain or seeds everyday and watch the birds flock to your kid’s creation. She’ll be thrilled! Get this birdfeeder here.

    74. Try this 3-ingredient no cook pastillas recipe


    Make these pastillas and satisfy you and your child's sweet tooth. It's quick and easy to make with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen. If your child's old enough, he can even make this on his own (with you supervising, of course). Recipe by yummy.ph can be found here.

    75. Try the award-winning Pinoy gelato

    Bono Gelato


    In case you haven’t heard, we’ve got an award-winning gelato right here in the Philippines! Bono Gelato is known for its dairy-free low-sugar gelato. They're especially proud of their Mango Ube Symphony, which won the People's Choice award at the Gelato World Tour, but there are loads of other flavors to choose from. Find Bono Gelato’s Facebook page here.

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