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  • You need not spend much to feed your child's creativity. You can use practically anything in your house to help your child come up with a masterpiece. Below are some simple but fun recycled art projects you can try with your little one. What’s great about it too: there’s no purchase required.

    What you will need:
    - an empty plastic water (or juice) bottle,

    - with the capold

    - glossy magazines (you can use left over art paper or gift wrappers)

    a few of the following:

    - spare button

    - suncooked macaroni pasta

    - uncooked mongo beans

    - pebblessea shells 

    What you need to do:
    1. Peel off the label of the plastic bottle and make sure you air dry the bottle's inside well

    2. Let your child drop the buttons, pasta, beans, shells, etc. (Not too much, just a few pieces of each)

    3. Make confetti and strips out of the old glossy magazines (If your child is old enough to handle a pair of scissors, let him do the cutting, with supervision. If not, you can have him tear or crumple paper  into small pieces) and put those in the bottle as well.

    4. Cover the bottle tight enough so your child won't be able to open it.  (You can opt to use a glue gun to seal it)

    5.Let your child shake the bottle and create amazing beats


    What you will need:
    - a smooth garden rock (make sure it's just the right size that your child can hold it with one hand)


    - non-toxic acrylic paint (any color) 

    What you need to do:
    1. Clean, wash and dry the rock well

    2. Place the rock on a flat surface and let your child paint it and let it dry

    3. Once dry, let your child draw anything he likes on the rock

    4. Optional: you can give the rock a little personality by placing stick-on googly eyes on it or allowing your child to put stickers on it as well

    5. Use the rock as a paper weight for your work desk or a napkin weight at the dinner table


    What you will need:
    - a large, empty milk carton

    - plain colored paper (e.g. bond paper)

    - old glossy magazines, leftover art paper or crepe paper or gift wrappers

    - glue 

    What you need to do:
    1. Cut the milk carton in half, crosswise (you can make the height shorter if you intend to use it for shorter pens or crayons)

    2. Line the outside part of the carton by gluing plain colored paper all around it. Set it aside to dry.

    3. Look through the magazines with your child and let him decide what images he would want to use to decorate the pen holder and cut them out.  You may help him cut out shapes out of art paper.  Left over gift wrappers have really nice images he can use.

    4. Paste all the cut outs all around the carton – the more cut outs, the better! Tip: you can also stick=on crumpled paper for 3D effect!  If your child wants to stick other objects – buttons, toothpicks, stickers - that would be great, too. Just make sure the carton doesn't tip over.

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    5. Put in pens, crayons and paintbrushes. Now you and your child have a handy container for your art implements.


    What you will need:
    - card board (like those at the back of pad papers) or a thin piece of box carton (bond paper size)

    - markers, crayons, stickers

    - glue

    - old glossy magazines 

    What you need to do:
    1. Cut the card board into a rectangular shape and make a circle hole big enough to go through a door knob on one end, leaving an inch between the hole and the tip of the board.

    2. Cut out letters from magazines to spell out “(Your Child's Name)'s ROOM”.

    3. Let your child paste the letters on the card board.Let your child decorate around the letters using markers, crayons, sticks, etc.

    4. Decorate both sides of the hanger.Hang it on the door knob of your child's room.

    5. So the next time your child wants to express his creativity or when you just want to keep his hands busy, you need not run to the bookstore to buy supplies.  Just look around your house and the possibilities are endless.


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