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  • 5 Interesting Summer Classes for Kids: Not Your Ordinary Workshops

    You might be used to sports clinics or music classes for kids. Why not try something different?
    by SmartParenting Staff .
  • Aside from play dates and beach getaways, summer classes and workshops turn summer into one of the most anticipated seasons of the year for kids. For parents, it becomes a much-needed break as well, from busying themselves over lunch preparations and helping out in class assignments. 

    Kids can join several interesting summer classes. The usual summer classes are usually sports clinics or music and dance classes. Why not try something new and interesting? Below is a short list of some interesting classes that you might want your kids to try.
    1. Arts & crafts workshops. What about enrolling your kids in an arts and crafts workshop? Who knows what artistic inclinations they might have? KidsAhoy.net offers Summer Play Club that involves arts and crafts and other exciting activities for children at only P1,500 per enrollee. Each kid has to consume 16 hours of arts and crafts activities, storytelling, board games, playtimes, and other activities offered.


    2. Culinary Arts. You can train your kids as young as seven years old to cook and bake. The culinary arts, when introduced early in life, can become a lifelong passion for them. Along with this, they get to learn and understand why healthy eating and cooking are necessary. Take for example Center for Culinary Arts’ Young Chef Boot Camp. Classes include, baking and pastry, Western Flavors, Young Upstarts, and Southeast Asian Flavors. Classes are held from March to May, which costs P7,500. Each session will last for 5 days. You can call CCA at 426-4840 to 41, or visit www.cca-manila.com for more details.

    3. Public Speaking. Not everyone can speak well in public. This might be reason enough to start your kids while they’re young (and uninhibited). A public speaking summer class also develops self-confidence in kids through proper voice projection, tone and pitch, and speaking properly in public. Speech & Etiquette Classes for Kids are ongoing at Wilma Cruz Tapalla's Institute of Speech & Etiquette. Call 726-8768.

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    4. Book Making Workshop. If your kids don’t have the penchant for public speaking, why not go for creative writing? If your child is shy, this might be something that will bring him out of his shell. You can bring him to poetry, story writing, or essay writing classes to enrich his imagination. Adarna House has a book making workshop (for kids ages 6 to 11 years old) facilitated by Jomike Tejido — author and illustrator of Ang Pambihirang Sombrero.  Jomike will guide the participants through the process of creating their very own book — from writing the story, to layout and illustrations, to designing the cover.  This year, the workshop will be held at the Filipinas Heritage Library, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 NN, starting on April 12 up until April 16 (Monday to Friday).  The fee is Php 3,500.00.

    5. Learn a New Language. Teaching children to learn a new language is increasingly becoming more popular these days. Many parents find this as a career advantage in the future. However, for your kids, it might simply be something fun to do. The younger you teach your kids the more they pick it up some language experts say. Pocketful of Kids offers Mandarin lessons starting in April 13-May 6, for P6,500 per enrollee. The lesson is composed of 10 sessions on T-Th-S at 10am-12nn. Each session consists of a two-hour class. 


    Summer doesn’t have to be about just sports or music and dance for kids. Parents can continuously make summer educational for their children without the stress of schoolwork. Find out what they really like to do and try an interesting class that will take them beyond what they’re used to. You might be surprised with the results.

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