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  • 7 Family Activities: Encourage Child Development this Summer

    It doesn't mean that the continuous process of child development takes a break during summer. Here are seven family summer activities from mom, contributor and educator, Kachela Albert-Mariano.
    by Kachela Albert-Mariano .
  • Child development doesn’t stop when school ends. Aside from enrolling your child in summer classes, there are other ways you can encourage him to continue his love for learning. Spending some time with your child this summer may rouse some interest that may turn into his lifelong passion. Here are some family activities that may help encourage learning.

    1. Traveling

    The best way to learn is to have concrete experiences. Whether it be out the country, out of town, or simply within Metro Manila, consult the whole family on where they want to go or what they may be interested to see. Before or even after making the decision, you can encourage one another to research on that place or event. As you travel, you can then exchange insights on what you have all learned. Use this opportunity to get to know your child’s interests and how much he wants to learn.

    2. Visiting museums

    One might think that museums might be boring. But that’s far from true. It’s important that you yourself enjoy what you see in these museums that you visit so that you can share your knowledge with your child. Remember that at this stage, your child tends to view you as his model. As you stroll in the museum, you may start asking questions to stimulate his interest.

    3. Visiting grandparents or relatives

    This may be the best time for your child to learn about your family tree. Getting to know more about your family may give him a sense of identity and pride in his history. Interacting with older or younger people can give him a good opportunity to further develop both his social and cognitive skills.

    4. Making home experiments


    Allowing your child to make experiments using household items can bring out the scientist within your child. Make sure, though, that there would always be an adult to guide him. You can then let your child research on the explanations behind the experiments you have worked on if you think your explanation may not be sufficient.

    5. Assigning chores

    Giving your child chores during summer not only gives them a sense of accomplishment but also sharpens several skills. Depending on the chore you give him, he can further increase his skills in time management, in problem solving, in organizing, and in working with teams.

    6. Taking a trip around the neighborhood

    Strolling around the neighborhood may help sharpen your child’s skill in observation. An event or particular object or person may also strike his interest. You may also start teaching your child directions in going home and making a map of your neighborhood in his head.

    7. Purchasing books

    Encourage your child to start reading chapter books if you think he already can. To save money, try visiting some second hand book shops. You may start with thin ones with some pictures in them. Later, you can choose books that have already been made into movies so it’s already familiar to him. Afterwards, you can buy the DVD of the movie and watch it all over again.  

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