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  • 7 Ideas for Parents to Get Their Kids Interested In Mother Nature

    Get your kids interested in Mother Nature and the great outdoors.
    by Rafael Reyes .
  • With Internet access, cable TV, and a gamut of gaming consoles, it seems kids nowadays don’t get to play outside and get mud on their shoes like we used to. Below are seven ideas for parents to get their kids interested in Mother Nature.

    Get Your Kids Acquainted with Mother Nature:
    boys playing 1. Frolic in the backyard. So, where do you start? At home of course! If you have the luxury of outdoor space or a backyard, encourage them to hang out on the lawn once in a while. Sit down on the grass and feel the spines of Bermuda tickle your palms and rear ends. If hanging out in your own once-ignored backyard seems a little too silly for them at first, bring out the family dog. Let your kids frolic with the dog and run around the yard.

    2. Look at the sky. The simplest way to enjoy a nice warm afternoon is to sit or lie on the grass and look at the sky with your kids. Try to distinguish different shapes and figures in the clouds; let your kids’ imagination run wild.

    3. Write or draw their observations. Have some paper, pencils and crayons nearby. Ask your kids if anything catches their attention. Maybe one of your little angels will say, “I never realized how tall that tree was.” Or you can point out, “The sky looks so much bluer when seen through the branches and leaves of a tree.”  Encourage them to put their discoveries into drawings and you may be pleasantly surprised at how their works of art speak their thoughts.

    4. Collect leaves. Collect fallen leaves and identify from which tree or plant they came. This sharpens your kids’ attention to detail.

    5. Have a picnic. Lawn time offers the perfect opportunity for an impromptu picnic! And while you’re at it, use your hands when you eat. Kids love eating with their hands, and doing so encourages more creativity and playfulness.

    6. Watch little bugs. Using a small magnifying glass, encourage your little one to watch little bugs and other creatures that you come across, and guess what kind of bug they are, where they live, etc.

    7. Walk the dog. If you and your hubby take turns in walking the dog, why not bring the kids along and turn it into a family affair? Older kids can hold the leash while the little ones tag along. You won’t just get your kids to have some exercises—you’ll also be introducing them to the neighborhood. During the walk, teach your kids to steer the dog away from dangers like cars, garbage, and unclean water. Remind your kids to give space between people you pass so as not to scare them. Also, teach your children that one must be responsible enough to clean up after the dog. So if Buster decides to poo right on a neighbor’s driveway, you better have that little plastic bag to scoop it right off. It doesn’t take a dog walk to go on a tour of the neighborhood with your brood, though. There are interesting things beyond your gate that are waiting to be discovered.



    Click here to read on about how to get your kids interested in Mother Nature.

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