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  • 8 Things Sesame Street Taught Me Besides Letters and Numbers

    Anyone who grew up watching Sesame Street can relate to these
    by Ines Bautista-Yao .
  • If you're like me, you watch whatever your child watches and you can't help but learn alongside them. But aside from the core lessons, you will probably also learn a thing or two besides what the producers had in mind, such as the following:

    1. Sweets can make you crazy.

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    We all know this is true. Too much sugar can give you (and your kids!) a scary high. But watching Cookie Monster go nuts at the sight of a cookie can instill fear in your pastry-loving heart.


    2. If you stick to your guns long enough, people will eventually see what's in your imagination.

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    When I was a kid, the people on Sesame Street thought Big Bird's best friend Mr Snuffleuppagus didn't exist because he was always gone whenever they showed up. But years later, Big Bird's loyalty is rewarded because no one thinks he's crazy for having an imaginary friend anymore. Now everyone knows Snuffy!


    3. Monsters aren't scary, they're lovable.

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    And they love you back. Have you seen the Elmo Loves You video? You can't help but want to adopt that little red monster!  


    4. Opposites can learn to get along.

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    It's hilarious when Ernie tries to get Bert to loosen up, use his imagination, and have some fun. But what's heartwarming is how they're such good friends despite their differences. A good lesson for people of all ages.


    5. Grouchy people have a soft spot too.

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    When it comes to his pet worm Slimy, Oscar doesn't seem to be the grouch we're all familiar with. At the same time, during Mother's Day, he commissioned a trio to serenade his mother. It was about rotten fish and skunk perfume, but those are probably the quickest ways to a grouch's heart. Not too grouchy after all.



    6. Celebrities love hanging out with monsters -- while teaching kids about grownup music too!

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    Sesame Street is filled with celebrities! They're singing, dancing, learning new words, and hugging as many monsters as they can. But what's truly awesome is when singers change the lyrics to their songs to fit the theme of the day. Because all of a sudden, your kids are listening to your jam! (PS. This is a good time to introduce them to your favorite musicians! Go do it now while you can -- read: while they're interested!)


    7. People come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and accents.

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    What I love about Sesame Street is how inclusive they have been from the very start. It's not just the monsters that are multi-colored, but the people on the show. No racism or bigotry here.


    8. Playing outside is awesome.
    I really wish we had more gardens and fields to play in. Watching montage after montage of kids playing on the grass, under the sun makes me wonder why we're stuck watching when we could be out there doing just that.

    Sesame Street has been around forever and many changes have taken place since they first launched, but the show's staying power proves how they know the workings of a child's heart. And though knowing your numbers and letters matter a whole lot, there's so much more to learning and to being a child.

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