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5 Kid-Friendly Anime Shows To Watch With Your Child
PHOTO BY courtesy of Cartoon Network and Netflix
  • Anime, including anime in the Philippines, has always been a staple form of entertainment in local pop culture. But it poses a challenge for parents when determining what can be deemed as appropriate viewing for an elementary-aged child.

    5 anime shows your kids can watch in the Philippines

    Curious about the titles your kids can watch? We've rounded up shows to help you navigate the ideal ones for family-friendly viewing and bonding.

    Pokémon The Series: Sun & Moon

    Who doesn't know the anime Pokemon?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cartoon Network

    Pokémon has been around for so long that kids who watched the original series are parents now!

    Pokémon's longevity can be attributed to the bond between the main hero Ash Ketchum and Pikachu, which reflects the real-life relationship of humans with their beloved pets.

    It also depicts the experience of constant failure. The protagonist keeps striving and finally overcame his obstacles through sheer will and determination.


    Pokémon The Series: Sun & Moon airs Mondays to Fridays at 6:15 p.m. and 9:45 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

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    Time Bokan 24

    The show's main characters are on a mission to reveal "true history" not written in textbooks.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cartoon Network

    The series, set in the 24th century, follows agents Tokio and Calen (plus her pet bird Peralino) of the Space-Time Administration Bureau as they travel through time to discover the real history that wasn't written in textbooks. Trying to thwart their every move is publishing company History Paradise, which fears the truth means reprinting all their books — and that's just too costly!

    This is one way to show kids how to become more critical consumers of information, especially in the era of fake news.

    Time Bokan 24 airs Saturdays and Sundays at 11:45 a.m. on Cartoon Network.

    Bakugan: Battle Planet

    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cartoon Network
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    When a bunch of tween vloggers (and their French Bulldog) called the Awesome Ones stumble upon a mysterious biomechanical race called the Bakugan, it sets off a series of events that changes their lives forever. Each of the Awesome Ones get a partner Bakugan and they must help create a safer space so the Bakugan can live with humans in peace.

    As the story progresses, the heroic team battle fellow humans who have their own Bakugans but mistreat them. They also educate others in taking better care of the creatures by documenting their findings. But just when all is going well, a villainous Bakugan named Tiko is set on destroying his fellow creatures and humans, too. Now, the Awesome Ones and their Bakugan must work together and stop Tiko!

    Bakugan: Battle Planet airs Mondays to Fridays at 5:45 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

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    Modest Heroes – Ponoc Short Films Theatre

    You can catch this anime in the Philippines via Netflix.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Studio Ponoc

    The animated anthology consists of three short films, each with its unique theme and art style. The first story, "Kanini & Kanino," follows the journey of the titular siblings, who possess the ability to live underwater, as they search for their missing father.

    The following chapter, "Life Ain't Gonna Lose," tells the slice-of-life story about a boy dealing with a severe egg allergy.

    The final installment called "Invisible" has an invisible man for the main character, and it features his constant struggle with loneliness.

    While the majority of the film employs a whimsical aesthetic that's a far cry from regular life, the values gleaned are as real as it gets. Modest Heroes celebrates the unassuming and sometimes reluctant protagonists who can overcome challenges in the end. Young viewers can look to these characters as a source of inspiration when they are riddled with insecurity and self-doubt.

    Modest Heroes is currently available for streaming on Netflix

    Mix Master: King of Cards


    Beyond fantasy fighting, Mix Master also shows the humans getting along with the friendlier members' foreign species.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of iFlix


    Worlds collide as the sleepy little town of Gamebridge is suddenly linked with the video game world of Atreia through an accidental opening of a portal. The inhabitants of Atreia are creatures called "hench," some of whom want to cause trouble. Now it's up to 11-year-old Ditt Lee and his hench pal Pachi to save his hometown from hostile henches using the power of magical cards.

    Beyond fantasy fighting, Mix Master also shows the humans getting along with the friendlier members' foreign species. There is even an episode featuring Penril, a human girl, teaching taekwondo to a hench. While the premise may seem out of this world, the lessons of understanding cultural differences hit close to home.

    Mix Master: King of Cards anime in the Philippines is currently available for streaming on iFlix.

    How do you know which shows are safe for your preschoolers? Click here for tips for picking shows your little kids can watch.

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