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  • How to Choose the Right Entertainment Programs for your Child

    Early years are crucial to brain development so it’s important that parents choose TV shows for their kids carefully
  • Dora the Explorer

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    Working parents, especially mothers, know that finding the right TV show for toddlers is difficult. Exposing young minds to the wrong programs will result to confusion and misdemeanor, while one to two hours of quality programming may help your children learn, and be entertained at the same time.

    How exactly can parents determine that a show is age-appropriate and value-aligned for their kids?

     1. Consider the storyline of the show. Does it have a concrete message that is easy for toddlers to understand?

    2. Examine the characters. Is there an obvious protagonist and antagonist? Does the protagonist show qualities that you would want your child to admire and eventually mimic?

    3. Check the language spoken. Is there usage of foul and offensive words, or are the characters well-spoken?

    4. Assess the presentation and layout of the show. Is it appealing and enjoyable for your child?

    All these should be in your checklist: Entertaining and educational storylines, admirable characters, suitable language and understandable program presentation. Because their early years are crucial to brain development, it’s important that parents choose TV shows that are enlightening, interactive and exploration-driven.

    Sit down and watch an episode of your child’s favorite TV program. Examine the episode format. A goal should be set from the beginning of the episode. It must be clear and sensible even for a 2-year old. Once the goal is stated, the steps that lead up to attaining this goal should be given. This helps your child gain a systematic mindset when it comes to problem-solving. This format also makes the story easier for them to follow. Take note if the show is interactive or requires the participation of your toddler. This helps stimulate you child’s reactions and cognitive skills. This should run for about 20 minutes or so to ensure that your child is not bored by the program. An ending should be celebratory and not hanging. It should leave your child with a happy and content feeling. A catchy theme song would not hurt either.

    Recommended Videos

    Dora the Explorer

    A television program that has these qualities is Nickelodeon’s "Dora the Explorer". It engages your child in a play-along quest with many styles of learning. Dora, an animated Latina girl, and a monkey named Boots invite the audience to take part in solving their problem, which ranges from a mathematical equation to literary riddles. All their adventures are tailored to have the audience actively participate.


    Dora the Explorer

    In a full episode, Dora sets out to accomplish a relatable adventure accompanied by her monkey best friend Boots and her Backpack full of items that a pre-schooler will recognize. Map then plots out the journey full of exciting challenges. He shows them the way to go and tells the home viewer the obstacles that they’ll need to overcome. Along the way, there are several questions presented to the audience which they can answer. Other fabled characters join them as well, such as Swiper, Tico, Isa and Benny. At the end, Dora and her friends sing “We did it! Lo Hicimos!” to thank the audience for helping complete the mission.


    Dora the Explorer

    Engaging and educational, "Dora the Explorer" fits the model for a parent-approved program. The best part? Your little one can watch Dora and friends live on October 10-11, 2015 with "Dora the Explorer Live! City of Lost Treasures" at the Meralco Theater. The show is a fun, interactive and highly educational musical that follows Dora’s traveling journey in search of her missing teddy bear, Osito. Let your child experience and see his favorite characters out of the TV screen and on stage!

    Tickets for "Dora the Explorer Live! City of Lost Treasures" are available in all SM Tickets outlet nationwide. Call 470-2222 or book your ticket online at http://smtickets.com. Come on, Vamonos!


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