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  • Haunted House Alert! This Spooky Thrill Is for the Whole Family

    Bring the whole family outside the busy city to celebrate a fun, spooky Halloween!
    by Rachel Perez .
Haunted House Alert! This Spooky Thrill Is for the Whole Family
PHOTO BY Rachel Perez
  • Tired of the usual trick-or-treat events at malls? Or maybe your child has outgrown dressing up for Halloween and is looking for a spooky thrill? Worry not. This might be the answer to your dilemma. 

    Celebrating 21 years in the business of spreading magic and happiness to Filipino families, Enchanted Kingdom (EK) has upped the Halloween thrill with the opening of its latest theme-park attraction, "Ghostbusters Adventure Live." Basically, it's a horror house that integrates characters and settings from the hit movie Ghostbusters. And as a treat for the grownups, it also has the old-school Ghostbusters movie elements in it -- perfect for the whole family. 

    But it's not just the theme that makes it unique. Scare actors underwent special training under Dominic McChesney’s world-renowned "Scare School." He is the director of worldwide live attractions of the Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, a leader in the creation of scare attractions across the globe. He stressed that it's safe and while it's a horror house, it's a family attraction first and foremost, and the main goal is for the guests, both young and old, to have a fun fantasy adventure. 

    "With normal theatre, you are seated in a chair watching the action onstage. With Ghostbusters Adventure Live at Enchanted Kingdom, all the action happens around you and you are actually moving through the different scenes and iconic moments in the movie. The actors are near you and interacting personally with the audience.  They have to make sure that the audience has a good time, that even though it is scary, it is not to the extreme. There is a feeling of being in an adventure," McChesney explains. So if you're worried about it being too scary, don't worry too much.  


    We've actually tried it, and it's pretty awesome. As you walk to the attraction, you'll see the Philippine jeepney designed to function as the EKto-1, the Ghostbusters' famous ride, with a Pinoy touch. You might even get to meet the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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    The horror house's design is also meticulously detailed -- it's like we were transported into the set of the 2016 Ghostbusters movie. As you enter the horror house, or rather the fire station, the Ghostbusters' original headquarters, you'll get a feel of the old-school Ghostbusters vibe. The swirling vortex, which feels like you're in an out-of-body experience is the coolest. Then, as you go deeper into the experience, you'll be introduced to the theme and story line of the new movie -- and a more intense scares. 

    We would caution parents to first assess their kids' tolerance for surprises and scares, because it can be pretty scary for very young kids. (Good thing, there was a pause as you leave the fire station and enter the Chinese noodle house, the new headquarters featured in the 2016 movie.) But if your kid is game and supercharged to fight ghosts and ghouls, then he'll enjoy the walkthrough, even more so if he or she had seen the new movie or even the old movies. They even have Proton Packs, look!


    If in case your kids chicken out of the Ghostbusters Adventure Live experience -- and that's okay, don't force them! -- your Halloween trip to EK has a lot more to offer: The 7D experience will feature a new special Halloween movie Zombie Attacks. You can watch the new Ghouls & Gals: A Ghostly Show, a song and dance performance from world-class talents of the EK troupe. Following the spooky theme, Dairy Queen also has a new flavor offering: a Slimer-inspired Blizzard. There's truly something fun to do for each and every member of the family. 

    For more information and promos, visit Enchanted Kingdom's website, or follow EK on Facebook. 

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