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  • Family Weekender Guide: 10 Things to Do This February 12-13

    Here are 10 activities to do and places to check out with your family this February 12-13 weekend.
  • 1. See the Manila Dance Company perform at Museo Pambata, 10 a.m.

    Sayaw Manila

    See Sayaw Manila and watch modern and contemporary dances. Join them afterwards as they teach you some of their moves.

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    2. Know your child’s rights at Museo Pambata, 2 p.m.

    Learn about the rights of a child through games and learning sessions.

    3. See (or even ride!) the hot air balloons in Clark, Pampanga


    hot air balloons

    Head to Clark, Pampanga to see the Clark 2011 Hot Air Balloon / Air Show until February 13. Highlights include the flight of the hot air balloons, paragliding exhibitions, skydiving exhibitions, kite flying exhibitions, helicopter flying exhibitions, the Hot Air Balloon Night Glow, and more.

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    Click here to see more activities this February 12-13 weekend.

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