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  • Fashion Designer Dreams Up Disney Princess-Inspired Gowns

    Take a look at these princess-inspired products for you and your little royal!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Fashion Designer Dreams Up Disney Princess-Inspired Gowns
  • Have you ever tried to imagine what Disney Princess gowns would look like if they were designed today? There would be a little less petticoat, perhaps? Wonder no more! Fashion designer Michael Anthony has created a collection inspired by Disney royalties. Everything’s fit for the runway, or perhaps a red carpet premiere.

    “Disney is what I grew up with and Disney Princesses were my first fashion icons. My favorite Disney Princess has always been Cinderella – growing up, my favorite scene was when her Fairy Godmother transformed her torn dress into the gorgeous gown,” Anthony told Digital Spy.

    He adds, “But I think reflecting both the classic and contemporary Disney Princess in my designs is really important.” You’ll see the ladies donning ballooning ball gowns and strutting in sleek clacks. 

    Anthony also wanted the princesses portrayed as “independent and strong” women. We can definitely picture Jasmine shooing away suitors like flies in her pants-cape combo. 


    Unfortunately, Anthony’s designs are still a wish upon a star. And, while we wait for the fairy godmother to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo them real, here are some princess-inspired products for mom and child that are already available for the taking:

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    For your little princess

    1. Princess outfit from Style Me Little 

    Style Me Little, Elsa-inspired Apron Dress and Anna-inspired Apron Dress (both for pre-order);

    2. Crowns, tiaras and clips from SM Accessories Kids

    SM Accessories Kids, Adjustable crown (P399.75); Children's Accessories section, SM Stores 

    SM Accessories Kids, assorted accessories; Children's Accessories section, SM Stores

    3. Princess bath wrap from Pottery Barn Kids

    Pottery Barn, Princess Bath Wrap; Pottery Barn stores

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    For mom

    4. Disney Princess lippies from Happy Skin

    Happy Skin, Happy Skin X Disney Collection; Happy Skin stores and online shop

    5.  Miss Universe-designed sneakers from Converse

    Above shoes customized by Maxine Medina (Miss Philippines) and Raissa Santana (Miss Brazil). Customized Converse shoes from 19 Miss Universe 2016 candidates will be exhibited and auctioned on select dates. Proceeds will be donated to the Positive Action Foundation. See more details on the Converse Facebook page.

    6.  Disney Princess undies from Topshop

    Topshop, Boypants; Topshop stores

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