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  • Summer Classes at Empire Boxing: Mixed Martial Arts for Kids

    Let your child learn the value of self-control, discipline and the gift of confidence with martial arts.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
  • In just a few days, your child will be done with his exams and will soon be saying hello to the next best thing: summer vacation! If you’re the type of parent who invests in summer classes, though, the options are endless. 

    While summer programs commonly revolve around learning to play an instrument, mastering arts and crafts, or sports, it’s surprising to know that there are still activities that can be introduced to our young ones.

    You may or may not be a fan of boxing, muay thai or MMA (mixed martial arts), but these actually have “kid-friendly” benefits. 

    Empire Boxing, owned by Rob del Rosario, is offering two summer workshops you’ll hardly find anywhere else. 


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    The first one is Boxplay, open to kids aged three to seven years old, which combines boxing, muay thai and grappling. “MMA is now mainstream,” he says. “Parents are looking for more UFC-type action; we have it here, but we instill discipline. 

    Why play? “[Because] when you’re three years old, you have so much pent up energy,” explains Rob. “It’s essentially learning how to use your body, learning how to use your hands and your legs while playing with all of our certified instructors.”


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