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  • The Mind Museum: Making Science learning fun for kids

    The Philippines’ first world-class science museum brings excitement to your child’s scientific learning.
  • Parents do not need to be scientists, doctors or engineers to support their children’s science learning.  As long as they are willing to encourage their kids’ curiosity, they will be able to help them get interested in how the world works, and maybe even pursue careers in the different disciplines of the sciences. 

    It takes just one spark of curiosity for a child to be drawn into the sciences. The Mind Museum at Taguig, the Philippines’ first world-class science museum, is a good place to start an educational and fascinating science journey with the kids. 

    Located at Bonifacio Global City (BGC), The Mind Museum houses more than 250 interactive exhibits in five galleries that span the entire range of nature’s elements -- Atom, Earth, Life, Universe, and Technology, and an outdoor Science-in-the-Park. This 12,500 sqm learning facility, aims to present science in an engaging way.

    A different kind of Learning

     The Mind Museum at Taguig is a venue for experiential learning. Children can actually touch and try the exhibits to have a better understanding of various Science concepts. The museum, for instance, features a game area in the Atom Gallery called Carbon: Basis of All Life on Earth –  where children can create their own carbon compound models, and thus help them understand why carbon is such a versatile atom! 

    Exploring the museum also gives children the chance to experience things not normally done in school classrooms. They can go star-gazing even on broad daylight. Thanks to the facility’s Spaceshell, a mini-planetarium in the Universe Gallery. The area shows constellations and gives an idea on how the outer space looks like. It also screens videos and short films about our solar system and the universe.
    There are special seats as well as where the electromagnetic waves in space are translated to what can be heard by humans.


    Appreciating life and Science

     The Mind Museum likewise helps children appreciate life and science because most of the exhibits are attractive and insightful. This can help change their perception that science lessons are intimidating. 

    The Technology Gallery features the different gadgets, tools, and technologies used in fashion, transportation, printing, and other industries across history. It gives an overview of how technologies have helped us improve their daily lives.  One of the more captivating exhibits in the Technology Gallery is the obstacle-avoiding robot named MIMO, which uses the same sensors installed in cars today. 
    In the Life Gallery, the main attraction is the exhibit about the human brain and what parts work when a person feels, senses, and thinks. This interactive display is an excellent tool to make children understand the complexities of the brain.


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