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  • Go on a Real Adventure with Walking with Dinosaurs: the 3D Movie

    Find out what life was really like when these amazing prehistoric creatures roamed the earth.
  • Walking With Dinosaurs

    “Walking with Dinosaurs: The 3D Movie” takes us back in time to prehistoric Alaska. The exciting adventure follows a family of Pachyrhinosaurus (it means “thick nosed lizard”), huge beasts with horns, a frill and a beak. The hero is Patchi, a delightful and determined animal (with a hole in his frill) who is the runt of the litter. No one expects that this underdog (or under-dino) will amount to much. His brother Scowler is very ambitious, much stronger and it seemed certain that he will one day be leader of the herd, but what Patchi lacks in physical strength, he makes up for in sheer tenacity with his strong spirit and good heart.

    We follow Patchi and his family as they set off on their annual migration to find food. It is a thrilling, but very dangerous, journey. We meet Alex, the funny and friendly Alexornis, a prehistoric, feathered bird with a toothed beak, and we also meet the rather feisty female Pachyrhinosaurus, Juniper. It is not surprising that Patchi has a soft spot for her!

    The science behind the film and the brilliant technology make the movie so realistic that you feel you are actually there in the wilds of prehistoric Alaska, traveling with Patchi and the crew, in what is known as the Late Cretaceous, around 70 million years ago.

    Key filmmakers behind this wonderful adventure explain why everyone is fascinated by dinosaurs and what they have in store:  Barry Cook and Neil Nightingale, the movie’s co-directors; John Lynch, co-producer;  Marco Marenghi, animation director and Steve Brusatte, one of the film’s paleontologist consultants.

    Q: What makes dinosaurs so fascinating?
    Neil Nightingale:
    “Dinosaurs are the most amazing creatures that ever existed on our planet. It is amazing that there was a time when the world was completely dominated by them. In four and a half billion years of existence, there have been no creatures more dramatic or scarier. Whether they would be as popular if they existed today and were stomping down the high street, I don’t know.”  

    Stephen Brusatte:
    “They lived a long time ago and they lived for a long time. Some of them grew to enormous sizes. They were fantastic creatures. But they're not dragons or leprechauns or unicorns. When you look at them you can tell they were real. They have the same bones we have. You can see actual skeletons that people have found. Dinosaurs were big, scary and weird. They're real, but  they're confined to the deep dark past.”

    Barry Cook:
    “It is a mystery that we want to know more about. Children love dinosaurs because they can’t see them in their backyard or at the zoo, or in the wild. And the creatures that lived alongside them were just as impressive. Some of these flying pterosaurs were as big as giraffes. Wow! That’s something to imagine.”


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