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Why Pinoy Kids and Parents Love Hi-5
  • It's rare to find a show that both you and your brood enjoy. So when Hi-5 captured the hearts of kids and parents alike, we were sure that the show had something special. We decided to hear out what the kids love about it and why the parents highly approve of Hi-5.

    Kids say:
    1. They enjoy singing and dancing along.
    Each segment is composed of a fun number with singing and dancing. Hi-5 incorporates catchy beats and pleasant melodies to their storyline, making the show a hit among children. They can sing their alphabet or dance along to the catchy theme song.

    2. The show is a vibrant mix of stories, investigations, imagination and adventure.

    Children feel like no episode is boring or similar to another because of the multitudes of topics the show presents. If there is one thing children don't like, it's getting bored. Their curiosity is fed by being constantly exposed to new learnings and new songs.

    3. Every episode feels like a party!

    Or more like a festive classroom. Because of the always preppy Fab Five and the number of children on set, watching an episode of this program feels like an interactive event to your child. The program setup generally involves talking to those watching from home. They are given a chance to answer the questions, solve problems and sing along.

    Parents approve because:

    1. It tackles Math, Science, English and so much more.
    Lessons are presented in a polite and fun manner, allowing kids to absorb it better. Each segment is carefully tailored to engage, entertain and educate young minds. The topics are neither sparse nor repetitive too. From the alphabet to spatial awareness, Hi-5 is able to hone a child's mind in a fun and creative manner. This makes it easier for the parents to teach them lessons or answer their curious questions.

    2. It shows cultural diversity.

    It's really important that our kids are exposed to various cultures and races. This helps them become comfortable and accepting of the fact that each one is different from another. Since the show's inception, the cast and even the children watching in the studio have been comprised of individuals from different colors and ethnicities. In fact, some of its original cast members are of Filipino descent! Ultimately, this teaches our little ones how to behave and how to be respectful of one another, regardless of background, color and race.

    3. They introduce kids to music that encourages development and features no offensive lyrics.

    Songs like L.O.V.E., You and Me and Inside My Heart have become favorites among toddlers and pre-schoolers because of their appealing tone, but what parents love most about them is the values they carry and uphold. With a scarcity of child-friendly content in the media nowadays, songs from Hi-5 are considered rare gems. They are melodious, smart and value-ridden. What more could a parent ask for?
    Hi5 House of Dreams


    Let your kids take part in the entertaining yet educational experience offered by Hi-5 live! The whole family can watch together as the Fab Five sing and dance your favorite songs from the show. Catch them at Hi-5 House of Dreams from December 18 to 21 at the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Resorts World Manila, and let your children sing and dance to their favorite tunes!

    Tickets are available at www.ticketworld.com.ph. Call 891-9999 for more details.

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