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  • Sinigang Recipes The Whole Family Will Love

    This Filipino sour soup is a timeless family favorite! Check out these sinigang recipes you need to try now!
Sinigang Recipes The Whole Family Will Love
  • Sinigang is a Filipino family staple and a household favorite for a good reason. For mommies, it's one of the best ways to sneak in the nutrition-rich vegetables that some kids usually like to ignore in their plate. While it has a standard recipe, you can occasionally spice things up and make it more exciting with some variations.

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    Sinigang na Porkchops

    If your kids love fried dishes like porkchops more than anything else, try turning that into a sinigang dish. Season your porkshops well with your favorite liquid seasoning, lightly fry it, and add it to a pot of boiling water once done. Add in your choice of healthy veggies like eggplants, tomatoes, radish, and okra and you have yourself an asim-kilig dish your kids will definitely love! (For the recipe, click on the name of the dish.)

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    Sinampalukang Buko at Manok

    Here's another combination that your kids will definitely love. Add some coconut meat and juice to your usual sinampalukang manok and you have this sweet, savory, and tangy dish. The coconut meat also adds a nice texture to the soup. (For the recipe, click on the name of the dish.)

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    Easy Beef Ribs Sinigang

    Beef can be expensive, but with the right parts, you can serve a delicious dish with a fraction of the cost. Choose beef ribs, which is considerably more affordable than pure beef meat. Beef ribs can also add a lot of flavor to the soup. It can give this sinigang recipe a nice savory flavor that blends perfectly with the tanginess and asim-kilig of the tamarind. A good broth can always make any ulam appetizing.

    Here's a pro tip: To make it even more delicious, sauté the beef ribs with garlic and onions before adding in the water for the broth. (For the recipe, click on the name of the dish.)

    No matter what variation you choose, the asim-kilig feeling is what gives a sinigang recipe its signature delicious taste. Getting that sour quality just right need not be difficult because Knorr Sinigang Mix can enhance the inherent flavor of your sinigang.





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