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  • 5 Easy And Nakakabusog Breakfast Ideas To Make For Kids In Under 30 Minutes

    Busy day ahead? We got you covered, mom!
5 Easy And Nakakabusog Breakfast Ideas To Make For Kids In Under 30 Minutes
  • Preparing a full-blown, homemade breakfast for kids does not always come easy for many parents — especially during weekdays when work and errands overlap.

    You already know this, mom, but it never hurts to repeat: a good, hearty breakfast can power kids up throughout the morning!

    Pressed for time? No worries! There are plenty of filling breakfast ideas that will only take you a few minutes to whip up. These easy sandwich recipes are all made using Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spread in Ham, Tuna, and Chicken variants.

    Make sure to prepare nutritious, Go-Grow-Glow breakfasts by serving these sandwiches with a side of fresh fruit and veggies and a glass of water, fresh juice, or milk.

    Here’s a tip: Make things more fun by asking your kids to help you prepare breakfast!

    Kiddie Chicken Nuggets Sandwich (7 minutes)

    Photo by Courtesy of Lady's Choice.

    If your kids love chicken nuggets, they’ll love the Kiddie Chicken Nuggets Sandwich just as much. Use Lady’s Choice Chicken Spread to level up the chicken taste, and add green leafy vegetables like lettuce for a healthy twist. You may also substitute chicken nuggets with breaded chicken breast.

    Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spreads are made with farm-fresh eggs and real meat, and contain essential nutrients Omega-3 and Omega-6.

    Classic Egg Mayo Sandwich (18 minutes)

    Photo by Lady's Choice.

    This Classic Egg Mayo Sandwich recipe puts a healthy spin on the usual scrambled eggs-on-pan de sal breakfast. Elevate its flavor by simply adding your kids’ favorite Lady’s Choice Real Mayonnaise! Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise is made with farm-fresh eggs and other quality ingredients. Then, make it more filling and nutritious by adding a few lettuce leaves and tomato slices.

    Chicken Bacon Explosion (10 minutes)

    Photo by Courtesy of Lady's Choice.

    Make an extra meaty breakfast sandwich by creating a good ol' BLT! Follow this kid-friendly recipe for Chicken Bacon Explosion, which combines the texture of crunchy toasted bread with a creamy and fresh filling, thanks to bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and Lady's Choice Chicken Spread.

    Breakfast Sandwich (8 minutes)

    Photo by Courtesy of Lady's Choice.

    Picture the kid-favorite bacon-egg ulam combo — but in sandwich form and made meaty and creamy with Lady's Choice Bacon Spread! Check out this recipe for the Breakfast Sandwich.

    Delicious Chicken Sandwich (15 minutes)

    Photo by Courtesy of Lady's Choice.

    Finally, for kids who can't say no to chicken — a chunky and creamy chicken sandwich ought to wake them up! Follow this recipe for a Delicious Chicken Sandwich, made with Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and shredded chicken breasts. Don't forget to add cucumbers, tomatoes, and lettuce for a healthy take.

    Don't forget: serve these sandwiches with a side of fruits or veggies and fresh juice or milk for a nutritious Go-Grow-Glow breakfast! Together with a balanced diet and exercise, Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise and Lady’s Choice Sandwich Spreads can help kids stay healthy and energetic!

    If you want to watch Dimples Romana and her son Alonzo make these Go, Grow, and Glow breakfast sandwiches, watch this video:

    For more Go-Grow-Glow breakfast sandwich recipes, click here. Shop your Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise via GoRobinsons.

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